Youtuber(s) of the Week: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week, where we introduce you to some our favourite content creators on the platform, and fill you in on why you should be watching their videos. Last week was the talented Chester See, and we previously featured Alx James and Lilly Singh.

We would like to introduce you to CelebMix’s latest YouTuber(s) of the Week, and our first ever duo: Dan Howell and Phil Lester!

Youtuber(s) of the Week: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil 1

Who are Dan and Phil?

Dan Howell and Phil Lester, better known as danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, are British comedy vloggers on YouTube. They are best known for their funny and relatable vlogs, and for their indescribable bond as friends.

The two are not new to the YouTube scene. Phil started making “video blogs” on a black and white webcam he found in a cereal box in 2006. He continued to post regular vlogs, and short comedy and horror films. His quirky personality and creative content attracted a large audience, and soon he was one of the most popular creators on the platform at the time.

Dan began as a YouTube fan. He watched and admired YouTubers such as Charlie McDonnell, Shane Dawson, and eventually, AmazingPhil. He worked up the courage to try it himself, and uploaded his first video, called Hello Internet, in October 2009. After tweeting Phil to ask him for advice on how to edit videos, and then many hours of Skype calls, the two finally met in later in 2009. They became best friends, and eventually moved in with each other. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dan and Phil’s massive success has led them to be able to achieve amazing things. They have hosted their own BBC Radio One show for 3 years. They released a book last year, called The Amazing Book is not on Fire,  and went on an accompanying tour, The Amazing Tour is not on Fire, in the UK and USA. They will also be touring in Australia next month. They have recently announced two upcoming YouTube Red Originals, arriving to the platform later this year.

Why should you watch their videos?

If you’re a fan of short, funny, relatable vlogs with some sketches and stories thrown in, you might like Dan and Phil. They definitely have their own unique qualities, but their videos can be compared to the style and humour in Lilly Singh, Natalie Tran and Grace Helbig’s videos.

Phil’s videos are usually 5 minute comedy vlogs based on real-life events, with short cutaways and sketches. Frequent themes in his vlogs include his tendency to attract weird people and awkward situations he’s been in. He sometimes does challenge videos, but always manages to put a creative spin on them. In fact, Phil was the original creator of the Seven Second Challenge that went viral on YouTube a couple years ago, which he and Dan recently made into “The Seven Second Challenge App”. Since Phil has a degree in post-production, his editing skills are sharp, and he has a distinct style. He also frequently collaborates with other creators, including Dan.

Dan’s videos are mostly vlogs, but feature more cutaway sketches and focus on relatable and entertaining topics, such as fandoms, anime, typos, and cringe attacks. He writes creative scripts and sometimes dresses up as other characters. He also has a knack for telling stories, such as how he got fired from his job (by selling an axe to a 12 year old) or the time he got really bad sunstroke. He also expresses his personal opinions on some topics, and talks about things he’s passionate about. He is well known for his “Quarter Life Crisis Trilogy” where he discusses his experience with figuring out what he wants to do with his life, and trying to figure out the purpose of life in general.

One reason that so many people watch Dan and Phil’s videos is their remarkable chemistry. They are similar in some ways, like their interests and the content they post. However, their personalities differ, and that is what makes them a perfect case of “opposites attract”. Dan tends to be loud, passionate, a bit more PG-13, and he doesn’t tend to hide his emotions very often. Phil is a bit quieter, has a great sense of humour, and his smile can light up a room. (Some say that plants can photosynthesize just from that smile).

Their differences mesh together very well, and they bounce off each other’s jokes and banter quite easily in videos. It is not hard to tell that they are genuine best friends when they’re playing a game together or messing around on Photobooth. This bond between them is something special, and their fans are lucky to be able to witness it.

Dan and Phil also host weekly liveshows on YouNow. These are an hour of answering questions, telling stories, and interacting with fans in a more intimate and personal environment. Phil hosts his on Sundays at 7pm UK time, and Dan hosts his on Tuesdays at 9pm UK time. Fans love these liveshows, because it is where we get to see Dan and Phil’s individual personalities shine. They are not under the pressure of making a fun, entertaining video, so the liveshows give us a glimpse into what it would be like to be real life friends with them.

Their Unique Relationship With Their Fans

Its impossible to talk about Dan and Phil without mentioning their fan base, and the unique relationship between them and their fans. It’s not an exaggeration to state that Dan and Phil have one of the largest, most dedicated, and passionate fan bases on the Internet.

It can be difficult for fans to explain exactly why they like Dan and Phil. For many, it’s not simply for their looks, or even just their comedy or chemistry as a duo. It goes beyond the surface of their videos. Dan and Phil have such a large, loyal fan base, because they understand and connect with their audience on many different levels.

The two know what it is like to be a fan of something, because that is how they, especially Dan, started themselves. They know about the fanfiction, fanart, edits, the inside jokes and trends in their fandom, and they accept and support it all. Instead of ignoring or being unappreciative of the effort that fans put into these projects, they accept them wholeheartedly and support the creativity of their fans. They regularly interact with fans, whether it be on YouTube, Twitter, or Tumblr. This is what creates a special two-way bond between Dan and Phil and their fans, one that many other celebrities often lack.

In case you need any more convincing to check out Dan and Phil, here are five of their must-watch videos.

1. Phil is not on fire 7

If you’re new to the world of Dan and Phil, your first stop will probably be the Phil is not on fire, or PINOF, videos. This series is an annual Q&A video that Dan and Phil do, but it is much more than your average Q&A. There is a certain style the videos follow, with fast paced edits, tons of friendly banter, and of course, the legendary cat whiskers. They may take a while to grow on you, but these will be the videos you find yourself rewatching for the hundredth time at 3am…

2. Dan and Phil play JUST DANCE

Next up we have one of the most popular videos from their joint gaming channel called DanAndPhilGAMES. To celebrate 1 million subscribers on the channel, the boys listened to the thousands of requests for them to play “Just Dance”. They made it part of the ongoing competition on their channel, called “Dan vs. Phil”. They take on Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love, and, a fan favourite, Britney Spears’ Toxic. Their awkward dancing and competitive banter is bound to make you crack a smile.

3. AmazingPhil: Things that I thought were true that are not true 3!

In this video, Phil talks about more weird things that he thought were true as a child. From believing that sea horses weren’t real to thinking hot dogs were made of dog meat- it’s not hard to see why he was a weird child! With faced paced editing and short re-enactments of each event, Phil’s sense of humour and personality shine through in this video.

4. Danisnotonfire: The Panic Alarm

In this video, Dan tells the story of the time he almost got fired for pressing “the panic alarm” at his part time job. This hilarious anecdote is told in part vlog form, where Dan tells the story to the camera, and part sketch form, where he cuts to a re-enactment of the incident. He even dresses up as his angry manager, complete with wrinkle lines! Dan’s awkward predicament and his creative way of telling the story will have you laughing until your sides hurt!

5. Halloween Baking- SPOOKY CUPCAKES

To round off this list, we have another one of Dan and Phil’s most popular series- their baking videos! In this particular instalment, Dan and Phil attempt to bake “Green Velvet Cupcakes” to get in a spooky mood for Halloween. Complete with a closeup camera, impromptu singing, and terrible puns, it’s the perfect mix of food, spookiness, and hilarious banter. The final product may or may not turn out to be green (no spoilers), but all that matters is the fun that they had making the video, and we had while watching it.

If you want a quick overview of the most noteworthy aspects of their channels, check out the trailers for Dan’s channel and Phil’s channel.

Thank you Dan and Phil, for being some of the funniest and most relatable people on the Internet. You have shown us what a beautiful, genuine friendship can look like.

Youtuber(s) of the Week: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil 2

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

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