YUNGBLUD Announces Digital Tour with Royal & The Serpent

With coronavirus restrictions taking a toll on concerts, YUNGBLUD announced that he will kick off a 16-date virtual tour with Royal & The Serpent, aka the ‘The Weird Time Of Life’ Tour! Each show on the tour, presented by Moment House, is taking place in a different city with a full-scale concert production. The only twist is, instead of going in person, you get to watch the show from your home!

Regardless of the city you live in, you can purchase whichever or as many dates as you’d like. And like a normal show, there will still be a cap on the number of tickets sold.

On this tour, YUNGBLUD will be promoting his sophomore album ‘Weird!’, which comes out November 13th. Following the breakout success of Royal & The Serpent’s track “Overwhelmed” on TikTok, the alt pop artist will be promoting her project ‘get a grip’. The project includes 2 new tracks, “Choke” and “Warn You,” her hit song “Overwhelmed”, and a stripped version of “Overwhelmed”.

You can get your tickets here:

‘The Weird Time Of Life’ Tour Dates:
November 16 – London
November 17 – Glasgow
November 18 – Manchester
November 19 – Dublin
November 20 – Paris
November 21 – Berlin
November 22 – Munich
November 23 – Amsterdam
November 30 – New York
December 1 – Boston
December 2 – Toronto
December 3 – Chicago
December 4 – Atlanta
December 5 – Seattle
December 6 – Los Angeles
December 7 – Sydney

Check out Royal & The Serpent’s latest video:

Check out YUNGBLUD’s latest video:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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