credit: Tomas Hein / GQ Hype

YUNGBLUD covers GQ Hype and declares “it’s cooler now to be yourself”

YUNGBLUD – aka Yorkshire artist Dominic Harrison – is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Not only does he create honest and purposeful music with a message, but he is unafraid to unapologetically be himself at all times.

During a new interview with GQ Hype, the artist gets candid with David Levesley about being himself, home versus Hollywood, and his relationship with his fans.

credit: Tomas Hein / GQ Hype

YUNGBLUD often gets asked about his dress sense and sexuality but the Yorkshire rocker was keen to stick his middle finger up to labels, stating “boxes are for cereal.”

He added, “[People] say, ‘Dom, why do you wear make-up?’ Because I want to. Not for any other reason, not to appeal to any other market, [but] because it’s fine to do what you want. I think division is becoming less and less popular and exciting and cool.”

The Kardashian age is over: it’s cooler now to be yourself, [to] be your bald, skinhead, no-make-up, spotty sinner self than looking like Barbie.

YUNGBLUD also spoke about spending time in the States, and how it compares to being at home. “People ask if I love America and, yes, I love America, but I miss home so much.”

“I’ve been having a hard time being thrown into the world of pop culture and Hollywood. That’s not me. I like it, but I just am not doing it to get papped 15 times outside of a restaurant.”

credit: Tomas Hein / GQ Hype

He also spoke about being there for his fans and them returning the favour, stating, “Everyone’s like, ‘Is it really hard having this responsibility?’ And… no, because I’m just being me. If I was just putting a face on, it would be exhausting to maintain it, but it’s just me.”

“I get anxious and I get depressed because that’s the way I’m wired. But I meet someone in my fanbase and they tell me a story and they inspire me and they turn me round.”

You can read YUNGBLUD’s chat with GQ Hype in full here.

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