Grab the popcorn, Zayn vs Calvin.

Quick quick grab your popcorn, put on your comfy pyjamas and get on Twitter, a storm has just hit the world of showbiz. Who is is fighting this time I hear you ask, none other than Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris.

Tweets haven’t been sent directly forward and back between the pair they started off more like rants at anonymous people… Obviously someone was looking for a fight, let’s not point this comment at either Zayn or Calvin because we love both. Both are gorgeous and talented with powerful fanbases behind them making it a very interesting evening…

It all started when Zayn retweeted this:

And then he tweeted this….

Which was was obviously spotted by Mr Harris who then went to his girlfriends rescue and to stand up to her by tweeting this:

Now, in my opinion this is fair enough, he’s only replying to the comment made about Taylor, top boyfriend points for him. Unfortunately Zayn was tagged in the comments who seemed to get the wrong end of the stick…

Someone seems a bit sensitive tonight… Calvin remained calm throughout though by replying simply by saying:

And even had a time to laugh at the misunderstanding

We love Zayn but you have to admit Calvin handled this so much better ending the one sided argument with:

We agree with you Calvin, Zayn has a great voice.

Its hard to say whose in the right and wrong, we just know we love both of them. Come on guys, make up, we’d love to here a collaboration from you two!

It may of gone a bit quiet now but we highly doubt this is the last of this drama for tonight so get ready for much more drama, this could get messy.

Its beginning to sound like an episode of gossip girl…

Until next time, you know you love me, xoxo, gossip girl.

Written by CelebMix