Zayn drops new single ‘BeFoUr’

Zayn Malik’s debut album Mind of Mine drops on the 25th of March – exactly a year after his leave from 1D became official. After dropping two of his singles, PILLOWTALK and LIKE I WOULD, and the non-single iT’s YoU, it is now time for a random release of a third single. In the middle of the night, Zayn has decided to grace us with a random release of another song, this one named BeFoUr. Including the random capitalization that reminds us a bit of our MySpace times in school, way back when. Oh, nostalgia.

The song title has been known since November, when Zayn did his first solo interview with Fader Magazine. We heard a bit of a teasing snippet of the song in the video that accompanied the interview, but five months later, the song is finally released on iTunes. And oh, is it good! Zayn graces us with smooth, silky vocals, a beat that reminds us a bit of Frank Ocean if you squint hard enough, and the lyrics have managed to cut straight into our soul. That is, after we finally managed to pay enough attention from what he was singing, as opposed to getting distracted by his silky, silky voice.

Zayn drops new single 'BeFoUr' 1

So far, it’s fair to say that Zayn has been doing a pretty bang-up job of this solo thing. He has managed to keep surprising us with a different genre for each song he has released so far, and speculation has it that Mind of Mine will be an exploration of Zayn’s solo talents and interests. The beauty of all these songs differing from each other, is that at least one of them will be your cup of tea.

If the entire album is as good as the singles have been so far, we predict that we will have Mind of Mine on repeat for weeks after it finally comes out.

You can listen to the song on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Have a listen, and let us know what you think about the song!

Written by CelebMix