Zayn ft. Sia “Dusk Till Dawn” is finally here and everyone is loving it

Just as we predicted, “Dusk Till Dawn” is a masterpiece.

It’s barely been a week since Zayn announced the title of his new single and the well-known performer that he’s collaborating with. And now, it’s finally here.

The song “Dusk Till Dawn” is a powerful mashup of vocals, and just listening to it will raise the hairs at the back of your neck. And then you actually get a chance to listen to the lyrics themselves, falling in love with the song is inevitable. You can hear Sia’s familiar sound in the chorus, and it’s brilliantly mashed with Zayn’s own style. And then there are those high notes, bringing you to a state of absolute bliss and gratitude. Once you hear this song, it’ll be the only thing you listen to for the next few days, weeks, or even months.

And the video surely does the song justice, although we didn’t expect anything less from the legendary Marc Webb. It’s an action-packed video that could literally pass as a short movie. In the video, you see Zayn in all his glory outsmarting the cops, and alongside him the lovely Jemima Kirke plays the important role of his partner in crime. They have their hearts set on keeping a certain briefcase from falling into the hands of the law, and they find rather impressive ways to do it.

Check out the full video below:



Now there’s one question left unanswered- what is in that briefcase? Money? Gold? The secret of the universe? An Infinity Stone? Zayn’s plan for world domination, perhaps? He’s off to a really good start on that one.

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How is the public reacting to this? Here’s a few reactions from Twitter users to enlighten the situation:

Many were emotional

And all of them spoke the truth

While some were caught up in nostalgia

And all of them were proud

But it was that high note that made us all feel blessed

His acting skills were aslo on point

Others just couldn’t deny the truth


And that’s that. We’ll let you get back to listening to this masterpiece and jamming out to it.

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Written by Azra

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