Zayn Makes Wanting What You Can’t Have Sexy With ‘It’s You’ Video

When discussing highly anticipated music of 2016, nothing came close to the expectations placed on Zayn’s solo material.  Would it be slow and sensual, upbeat with a rap undertone, or would he find a balance in the middle?  So far, sensual is definitely the tone of his debut music and it’s been better than fans imagined.

Zayn’s first solo track, Pillowtalk broke records with it’s premiere and the video to accompany the song was the talk of the industry with it’s artistic depiction of the way you feel in the middle of romantic warfare.

When Zayn joined Jimmy Fallon on February 17th, fans anticipated hearing him sing Pillowtalk live for the first time.  Instead Zayn surprised fans with a new track It’s You and it’s been almost impossible to shake the song.

With lyrics like

“she got she got she got her own reasons
for talkin’ to me
she don’t she don’t she don’t give a fu–
about what I need”


“Am I wrong for wanting us to make it?
Tell me your lies, because I just can’t take it
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you”

it’s clear that this song is about wanting a woman who has the world at her feet and is just within your grasp while being totally out of reach.

Zayn posted a teaser for the video early on February 25th before announcing that it would be available that evening on ITunes.  The clip was a sultry verse of the tune along with a black and white clip of a girl walking to a car.  It set the mood for the video – longing – within those few seconds.

When the video debuted in it’s entirety, the emotion was only more solidified.  The object of Zayn’s affection is within feet of him through the entire song, but she’s never his to touch, to enjoy, to keep.  The lyrics and slow backbeat take you to a place vulnerability and longing at the same time as it leaves you wondering who wouldn’t want to be Zayn’s (come on…he’s perfect).

The video is available here and just like the song itself, it’s hard to tear away from it once you’ve sat down to watch it.

The first two tracks from Mind of Mine have blown us away, and we are counting down the days until March 25th when we get to hear everything else Zayn has been crafting for the last few months.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.