Zayn Malik Buys Box At Bradford City FC For Underprivileged Kids

Another day, another time where Zayn Malik proves his heart is a rarity.
Zayn Malik Buys Box At Bradford City FC For Underprivileged Kids 3The Mind of Mine singer may have just had his first solo album debut at #1 in the UK, but he’s proven to be more focused on reaching out to the less fortunate.

It’s always been an obvious observation that Zayn was never fully comfortable in the spotlight, as it’s no secret being part of the biggest boyband in the world is quite exhausting. He was often perceived as the “mysterious one” for his lack of participation in interview conversations, but that never seemed to bother him. Zayn always made sure that his celebrity status wasn’t taken for granted; and even while being on his own today, he continues to prove that not much has changed.

Recently, he went the extra miles and purchased a box in Bradford City FC which he named after his Grandfather, Walter Brannan. Zayn’s sole purpose of the box is being able to give less privileged backgrounds the opportunity to watch a football [soccer] game.

“Zayn really wanted to give something back to his local community.” – as revealed by an unknown source.

And while continuing to be the angel that he is, Zayn and girlfriend Gigi Hadid, paid assistance to a girl who was pushed and fell down in the chaos of over excited fans. The couple was out and about in New York City when the young girl fell right at the bottom of his feet. Without hesitation he came to the rescue; luckily no one got severely injured.  Zayn Malik Buys Box At Bradford City FC For Underprivileged Kids 1

You continue to amaze us with your selfless acts, Zayn. This world does not know how lucky they truly are!

If you haven’t already, you can purchase Zayn’s new album Mind of Mine here.

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.