Zayn Malik cancels Capital Summertime Ball performance due to anxiety

Fans have been waiting patiently for Zayn Malik to give his first performance as a solo artist in the UK and it looks like they will have to wait a little bit longer than expected. Minutes ago, the former One Direction star took to his twitter to explain his decision to cancel his first planned performance in the UK at Capital’s Summertime Ball today.

Sharing a heartfelt message, the “PILLOWTALK” singer admits he has been haunted by anxiety for months. He called the anxiety he suffered ahead of his Summertime Ball performance “the worst of his career” and says he hopes his fans will be able to empathise with his situation.

We have no doubt fans will respect Zayn’s decision and applaud him for speaking about his mental health issues and putting his health first.



Written by CelebMix