Zayn Malik’s New Tattoos!

We’re all pretty aware that the former member of British boyband One Direction, Zayn Malik, has finally signed with RCA Records two days ago after leaving the said group earlier this year.

Check out Zayn Malik's New Tattoos! 3

And of course. what better way to celebrate this new record deal that will probably be the start of a new era in his life than with fresh ink, right? Well, if you’re into those kind of stuffs, why not? We all know how much of a fan of art Zayn is even before he left the band so it’s only natural that we’re seeing these new amazing designs on his body! Check them out:

Check out Zayn Malik's New Tattoos 1Check out Zayn Malik's New Tattoos 1

Most of the time people get tattoos with a hidden meaning behind it. We can see that Zayn has a waving checkered flag just right above his intricate hand design which usually symbolizes victory, since it’s what is present at the finish line of a race.

Whatever the reason behind this new art, we all can agree that it’s an amazing one. Kudos to the tattoo artist! I can’t wait til we hear new stuff about him and I’m just really glad that he’s finally doing what makes him happy.

How about you guys? What do you think is the reason behind these new tattoos? Tweet us your ideas at @celebmix.


Oh, and before I leave, here’s a smiling and happy Zayn to keep you company. *insert heart eyes emoji*

Check out Zayn Malik's New Tattoos! 1


Written by CelebMix