Zayn Malik is single and ready to mingle

It’s been a hot topic between Directioners and Mixers. Controversy about Zayn Malik being the villain in the whole situation, due to tabloids painting that kind of picture of Malik. We all know, well we should all know, that Zayn is an angel, and he is nothing like what they make him out to be. Now that he’s single I feel like we’re going to see a side of Malik we never thought we would see.


Girls have been going crazy over Zayn since the news. I mean, it’s been awhile since he’s been single so you can understand why. He’s been spotted going in, and out of clubs in LA with glazed eyes and excitement written all over his face living the single life, and enjoying every single moment of it. He’s been following girls on twitter, and getting tattoos signifying the end, and the beginning of something new. Malik’s living the life it seems, and we’re all dying for him to make his next move.


What’s sparked up controversy in his fandom has been a pretty big deal. He recently favorited a picture of Kylie Jenner on twitter, and followed her big sister Khloe shortly after. Now, the Kardashians/Jenners are always being talked about negatively and positively, but right now it’s not so good. Fans aren’t really feeling Zayn’s choice right now in women it seems. Her age has been a huge topic. Some fans are advocating the idea of ‘Zylie’. Zayn is just being single, and he’s just dipping his toes in the water since he hasn’t for a long time.


A day after Zayn favorited the picture of Jenner, Perrie deleted all evidence of being with Zayn on her instagram. She even unfollowed him. Apparently Eleanor Calder, 23, who split with Louis Tomlinson, 23, earlier this year, is helping Perrie through the break up. She told her it was the “best thing” to do and to let Zayn Malik know she doesn’t need him! Every single picture of the ex-couple was deleted, while Zayn still has pictures of them on his social media.


Since many fans speculated that his relationship with Perrie was the reason he left the band, fans now are wondering if this means Zayn might return to the group? Now that he has some time to think without a relationship on his hands, some friends have told him to go back to 1D, but a source said that is very unlikely.

Tabloids say Perrie was completely blindsided, which she obviously wasn’t. Recently a picture came out of Edwards looking distraught, with head in her hands during a meet and greet. Fans quickly put the tabloids in check with the original picture. Edwards was simply laughing and having a good time. She hasn’t been shy about how she feels either. She recently threw shade at Zayn when she mentioned her favorite summer tune was ‘Drag Me Down’ by One Direction. ‘’It’s incredible.’’ She told Radio Disney.


Bottom line is Zayn’s happy, and Perrie doesn’t look so bad either so why make it something it’s not? Who knew that Zayn’s first single was going to be himself!

Written by CelebMix