Zayn Malik Reveals He Got a New Tattoo in Honor of ‘Mind of Mine’

Zayn Malik has a large collection of tattoos and now the 23-year-old singer has revealed that he got two new ones. One of them is in honor of his upcoming album, Mind of Mine!

Speaking to Capital FM, Zayn admits he has no idea how many tattoos he has. He said, “I don’t even know [how many I have] to be honest, I couldn’t tell you! I haven’t got much space left on my body!”

“I just got a tattoo on my leg and my arm. I did them both in the same session. I got a tattoo of the name of the album and I got something on my leg, it’s kinda of weird. It’s just an outline of a dude smoking.”

Zayn has yet to post any pictures of his new tattoos, but hopefully he will soon! In the meantime, watch his video for his new single, “Pillowtalk” below!

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Written by CelebMix