Zayn’s Mind of Mine is Finally Here

“Saw your face and got inspired”

If you’re a fan of Zayn you’ve been counting down to March 25th for months now – if you’re a fan of One Direction, you might have been dreading the date. While Zayn said it was just conscience or on the other hand, maybe a sign that his album was coming out on the one year anniversary of him leaving the band, we think he could have done it to make a statement.

The truth is, no statement other than his lyrical talent, vocal ability, and song writing capability needs to exist at all – Mind of Mine is incredible.

  1. MiNd Of MiNdd (intro) – The introduction to Zayn’s album and the title says it all, it’s the beginning of taking a peek into the unfiltered mind of Zayn, part of himself he’s never been to show in this way before.

  2. Pillowtalk – The first single from Mind of Mine and the first solo song fans heard from Zayn. This song is going down in history, it marked the beginning of an era for Zayn and for a fan base that was waiting on this moment. Pillowtalk embodies everything about the imperfect relationships we all love the most – the ones that burn long after the fire goes out. Pillow talk, at the end of the day, is when you’re the most real and Zayn shows that sometimes that talking has more to do with your body and less to do with words.

Key lyric: “In the place that feels the tears, the place you lose your fears

  1. iT’s YoU – It’s you is the second song Zayn fans were given before Mind of Mine’s official release and the premise of the song, along with the beat, were very different than Pillowtalk. It’s you is about a person who sort of walks into your life with their own grace, their own confidence, and no matter how much you need them – they don’t quite need you back. They’ve got your heart in the palm of their hands, carelessly, and they almost make it look beautiful – sexy even – as they break it.

Key lyric: “Am I wrong, for wanting us to make it?

  1. BeFoUr – This song starts off with a funky beat that catches your attention automatically – within 45 seconds you’re dancing, and it only progresses as the song moves on. The chorus is so catchy, and the song says “this is me, this is me doing it on my own and you can say whatever you want about it but you won’t break me, especially if you can’t say it to me.” This is an anthem for anyone who’s been in a situation where they’ve finally decided to do what’s best for them and known that other people may not understand it, but that it was time to do it anyway. This song describes the last year for Zayn, and we think putting it to a beat and turning it into a song was the best way for him to react to all of what was thrown his way.

Key lyric: “Say what you wanna say, shame is you won’t say it to my face

  1. sHe – This is a song that makes you sort of want to be the one it’s written about, but in the same breath, be the person who’s going to save them.  sHe is a song that you can easily find yourself in – the person of interest seems to want love, in any way that she can have it – whether it’s true, safe, or her’s to keep – she just wants someone to be there, someone to make it better.  Most of us at some point have been vulnerable, this song sort of signifies that – and if you’ve never found yourself revealing that personal vulnerability – you’ve certainly known someone who has.

Key lyric: “Cause baby don’t wanna be lonely, she says “I just want you to hold me

  1. dRuNk – In an honest and open show of emotion; Zayn sings about being drunk, perhaps by the bottle – but more by love, by a person, by a feeling.  dRuNk is not just a song about a summer lost in a haze, it’s about a relationship that tastes like heaven, burns like hell, and brings out emotions inside of you that you would normally try to hide.  dRuNk sounds like it might be an ode to someone in Zayn’s past – perhaps a moment in time that made him want to lose it all and stay there, partially, forever – and maybe he did.

Key lyric: “Right now I’m emotional, I lose control when I’m with you

  1. INTERMISSION flower – This short intermission is gorgeous, there’s nothing else to say about it; it’s the perfect in between from one part of the album to another and Zayn’s voice is hypnotizing.

  2. rEaR vIeW – This song is a bit different, not only in style, but in lyrics.  It seems to be about someone important to Zayn, but at the same time, about an inner struggle he feels when confronted with the person.  He’s heard their stories, lost love, and experienced some of it from a distance – watching them go through it all.  He seems torn within himself on saving the person, being able to love them correctly, and maybe realizing that at the end of the day – following behind them is the best way to salvage both of their hearts.

Key lyric:”Please don’t wait, I’m not coming home tonight. I wanna love you but I can’t

  1. wRoNg ft. Kehlani – If you’ve ever loved and been wronged, or loved with a love that you knew was wrong – you’ll find yourself in this song.  The tune takes you through a love that’s expired, or maybe one that’s never been theirs to keep – the female vocals in the song make it that much more real – both parties understand that it’s wrong, but have a hard time understanding that when it feels so right.  The lines are clear though – just because you’re here doesn’t mean you’ll stay.  Zayn seems to know this feeling well.

Key lyric: “You’re looking in the wrong place for my love, don’t think because you’re with me this is real

  1. fOoL fOr YoU – Zayn’s vocal abilities are really showcased in this song – he’s got a lot of runs, a few high notes, and so much emotion and power that you sort of get lost in it.  The song title says it all – the track is about being a fool in love.  Maybe the reasons someone is bad for you are obvious ones, maybe they’re hard to see – or maybe it’s a mix of both – but we’ve all felt like a fool in love before and this song describes it perfectly.  It’s hard to look away from someone you’ve loved when they know exactly what to do to rope you right back in.

Key lyric: “This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it

  1. BoRdErSz – Sometimes walls – or borders – keep people at bay that should be close, BoRdErSz seems to embody that feeling at the same time as it begs for it to end. The song seems to be about a pair that have reached a point, for whatever reason, where some walls were built and complacency set in and now they’ve lost touch and sight of one another.  There’s vulnerability in this tune too – asking for someone to be honest and open with you puts you in an honest and open place yourself.  Zayn’s smooth voice goes perfect with these lyrics – it’s not too much, not too little – it’s just enough to leave a lingering feeling even after the tune is over.

Key lyric: “Let’s break down our love, our walls, right now I want to see it all

  1. tRuTh tRuTh is perhaps the song Zayn fans were waiting on – it’s a tune that says a lot about, in our opinion, the first months after Zayn left One Direction, maybe a bit before he quit too.  He talks about how the dreams he was living weren’t quite his own, and says that in time you’ll see the truth.  Maybe Zayn’s dreams weren’t within his reach because of the team behind the lads in One Direction – he has since said there were things he couldn’t do because of their target audience.  Zayn was always painted as the mysterious bad boy, you can’t blame him for wanting more.  The song also talks about how he got lost in the game – seemingly when he linked up with a partner not long after his departure from the band – a man that seemed more set on selling Zayn’s name next to him than helping him further his career.  Whatever you interpret the song to say – the message is clear, now that Zayn is on his own – his truth is his.

Key lyric: “My dreams, new seeds with enemies, I got caught up in this game

  1. lUcOzAdE – This song has a trippy vibe to it – which goes perfect with the lyrics.  It’s a song about inebriation, maybe to let lose for a night, maybe to deal with the problems that stress you out every day – maybe just to feel good for a bit in a world where you don’t often get that leisure.  The lyrics seem to peek into Zayn’s mind, perhaps what he was going through when he was leaving One Direction, perhaps what he still goes through to this day – it’s almost a call for attention – but not to be selfish, to bring awareness.  The grass isn’t always greener, and sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much.

Key lyric: “Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing, when the scares are gone you can’t see bruising.

  1. TiO Take it Off is a stand out tune for multiple reasons, not only is the backbeat strong and sultry; the lyrics pull you in.  The song is grown up, it’s sensual, it’s raw – it’s definitely the sound Zayn was going for.  The song is about being so wrapped up in someone you want them all the time, you want them to take it off – all of it – and let you watch. It’s a bit about vulnerability, a bit about sex, and a lot about passion.  You can feel it when you listen to Take it Off, it’s a banger.

Key lyric: “I can taste it on your mouth and I can’t leave it

  1. BLUE – If you’re looking for a ballad type tune, you’ve found it here.  Blue is a song that could be played on our first night alone with someone, as a song to dance to at a wedding, it’s a song about the person that changes it all for you.  Zayn sings, soulfully, that he’s been doing it wrong for too long – he needs someone to love him blue – and in the clouds, in her eyes, he’s found all the things he never had before.  The song talks about how much he needs her, and how she needs him too.  It’s raw, powerful, and makes you want to experience love that’s blue too.

Key lyric: “In her eyes, where I wanna be, she knows I need her loving

  1. BRIGHT – Bright could be a bit of a club tune, or a late night song.  The track is definitely about seeing someone’s true colors, stripped bare, shining bright just.  There’s some sexual appeal, a bit of danger, and some recklessness all rolled into one track, and sometimes all the things that seem a bit bad for you are the ones that are the most fun.  This song embodies that.  Maybe it’s just for the night, maybe together you’ll break down one another walls, it could last – it might not – but sometimes if you’re getting the best parts of someone, all of their light, even if the moment is fleeting it’s worth holding on to.

Key lyric: “I found my life in between shots and getting high, the cage I was in fell away when she asked me to dance again

  1. LIKE I WOULD – This song has to be one of the most confident tracks on the album and it’s impossible not to love it. Fans got this song before the full release of Mind of Mine and most of them hailed it the best so far. The song is perfect for anyone who knows they’re the best thing that ever walked out of someone’s life. From the beginning Zayn says he knows he’s coldhearted and the call won’t be long – he’s just got to let them know that whoever is next, whoever touches them at night – he’s not worried anymore. He wants them to know damn well that no one else will ever love them better. This side of Zayn, we love it!

Key lyric : “He won’t touch you like I do, he won’t love you like I would

  1. SHE DON’T LOVE ME – Zayn’s voice stays on a high during a lot of this song, before dropping to some dramatic lows when the lyrics get darker too.  The song speaks volumes about loving someone. who’s entirely wrong for you – about knowing that person just doesn’t love you back, knowing that’s why you’re not faithful, and at the same time realizing that you both keep coming back for more.  It’s a classic game of wanting what you cant have but not wanting to lose what you’ve already got in your grasp.  Maybe you can’t stay faithful, maybe it’s them, but for as much as either of you stray – you end up wanting one another in the worst way.

Key lyric: “Can’t escape what I’m feeling, your body on top of mine. I think I know she don’t love me, that’s why I fu– around.

If you’re anything like us, Mind of Mine is all you’re going to be listening to for the next couple days.  At least while you pick your favorite tunes, learn the lyrics, and get lost in Zayn’s voice in a way it’s never been presented before.  In our opinion; sHe, dRuNk, Like I Would, and Pillowtalk have made the biggest impression – what are your picks?  Tweet us at @CelebMix and @CelebMixZayn and let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.