Zayn Releases Eagerly Anticipated Single ‘Better’

After the release of his last single ‘Flames’ and the birth of his daughter, Zayn Malik is back to his best with his new single ‘Better’.

Malik teased the new single with minimal promo a day before its release (September 24th). This garnered a lot of fan excitement, with his Instagram post quickly gaining over 10 million views and 72 thousand comments.

Fans were not only excited about Zayn finally releasing new music, but also because they saw glimpses of him appearing in the music video—which is a rare occurrence for the generally reclusive singer. Zayn was also featured on the cover of Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist, much to the delight of his fans.

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Zayn has had a busy week, with the birth of his new-born baby and taking social media by storm. Fans have been blown away by the incoming content that Zayn is providing, not to mention, his hugely successful single ‘Pillowtalk’ finally reaching 1 billion views. It is, therefore, unsurprising that two hours before the release of his new single ‘Better’, thousands of fans were already waiting for the premiere of the music video.

The premiere of Zayn’s music video for ‘Better’ began at midnight (ET Friday) on YouTube and additionally premiered on MTVU and MTV Live. The song was met with rave response and an abundance of social media praise. Zayn’s new single follows a melancholic R&B vibe and conveys the story of a tragic love that is ultimately doomed.

“Why? Why wait to fight? /Give it a try/Or I’ll say goodbye while it’s right/ Can we save tears in your eyes/I’m making you cry/Why wait to hate?/Can we save love?/I fell in, I’m falling, I’m for you/I can’t let you fall through the floor too/It’s a gamble to take any more of you/Still in my mind sometimes, I must admit it/Like it’s a crime on trial, I got acquitted/Me and you wasn’t meant, we wasn’t fitted/Like it’s a glove, I hated to admit it,” Zayn passionately sings.

Directed by Ryan Hope, Zayn lives up to all our expectations in the music video.

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