Zayn Shares ‘Like I Would’ Remix

The duo that is The White Panda has five critically-acclaimed albums under their belt. They’re known for their incredible remixes, and have most recently worked their magic on Zayn’s track “Like I Would.”

On Monday Zayn released the music video for the song. The video pairs beautifully with the song’s electric beat, featuring Zayn glowing in a body suit surrounded by lasers.

Zayn shared the link to the remix on his Facebook and Twitter on Thursday evening.

Both the original and the remix can be labeled as a dance track. The White Panda Remix gives an almost sultry vibe to the song and highlights Zayn’s vocals beautifully.  The remix adds on strings to the chorus as it slowly builds up to an electronic instrumental break that’s sure to have you dancing.

Being huge fans of Zayn’s voice, the decision to put their spin on the track was an easy one.

“We came up with a punchy orchestral beat and a catchy top line that we can only hope does justice to the spectacular vocal. Crank it up and bring on the summer.”

You can listen to the remix below. Let us know what you think by tweeting us @CelebMix and @CelebMixZayn!



Written by CelebMix