Zayn Teases Fans with ‘Coming Soon’ Message in VMA ‘Thank You’

Zayn wasn’t able to make it to this year’s VMAs ceremony, but that didn’t stop him from thanking the VMA’s, Taylor Swift, and the ZQuad for the award of best collaboration he took home with Taylor for ‘I Don’t Want to Live Forever’.

The song which was featured on the 50 Shades Darker film and soundtrack, was an instant hit and both Taylor and Zayn did an incredible job. The video followed the 50 Shades ‘vibe’ and showed both pining for one another while looking extremely broody and sexy.

When nominations were released and fans saw the tune in the category, they were immediately excited. Though the competition was fierce, the song is really hard to beat, so not many were surprised when it won. While Taylor wasn’t able to attend the ceremony either, the award was accepted on their behalf by the songwriters (sans Taylor) and the fans were appreciated for their support.

Not long after the win, Zayn took to social media with a thank you video, which also happened to be a teaser that left fans ‘shook’. Not only was Zayn grateful after the win, he celebrated by giving fans a preview at what he’s been working on.

Now, saying preview may be too generous. It’s such a small clip of music but that’s the point of being a teaser and interest is peaked. Especially ours. We can’t wait to hear new music from Zayn. His first solo cd was important, but the follow up will make an even bigger statement. He’s not trying to break away from an image with this album, if anything, he’ll be more himself than he was even then.

Are you looking forward to new music from Zayn? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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