Zendaya: “I’m a Vegetarian But I Don’t Like Vegetables”

Zendaya, 19 year old singer and star of Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover, revealed 19 unique facts about herself in a video posted on Glamour Magazine’s YouTube channel.

In the lighthearted video, Zendaya shares something rather interesting about her diet.

“I’m a vegetarian but I don’t like vegetables. Well, technically I like vegetables, but I’d much rather have a pizza.”

This is one of the many relatable and bubbly comments Zendaya makes during her video reveal with Glamour. She further proves just how relatable she can be by talking about her sleep endeavors.

She proudly confessed her endless sleep possibilities when she states, “Technically, I can sleep anywhere. If you told me I had to sleep here, I can do it.” At the time, she was sitting in a chair in front of a large vanity mirror. We can definitely add that to the list of her extraordinary talents.

Zendaya also shares her strong disliking for chipped nail polish. When sharing her biggest pet peeve, she makes it very clear how ticked off she can get by the small nail imperfections. But she makes sure you’ll never see an inch of damaged polish on her fingers when she says, “You never catch me slipping.” Her statement is quickly confirmed as she shows her perfectly polished nails to the camera. Not a single chip in sight.

The video becomes even more fascinating as she gives the viewers a chance to gawk at her jet black puppy who she personally dubbed as “the cutest dog ever.” We can’t help but agree with her there.

Furthermore, Zendaya mentions a cause that is near and dear to her heart. She shares that she is a UNAIDS ambassador. UNAIDS is a United Nations program devoted to taking action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She took the opportunity to talk about the statistics of HIV/AIDS in America, as well as encourage all young people to get tested for these STD’s.

Throughout the video we learn more about the quirky, fun side of the teen superstar who charms the viewers with her upbeat attitude and killer good looks. To see the rest of Zendaya’s fun facts and get to know her better, check out the video below! And to learn more about UNAIDS and Zendaya’s involvement, check out unaids.org.

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Written by CelebMix