Zendaya Responds to Criticisms over her Appearance at Kids’ Choice Awards

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards took place on March 12th, Saturday and has, surprisingly, caused some controversy on Twitter, particularly regarding Zendaya’s appearance. Her win caused a heated Twitter exchange between her and comedian Julie Klausner.

Zendaya Responds to Criticisms over her Appearance at Kids' Choice Awards 3

Zendaya won an award for favourite female TV star and she ended her acceptance speech with, “To all the parents out there, thank you for allowing me to be a role model for your children. I really, really do not take that for granted.”

Zendaya Responds to Criticisms over her Appearance at Kids' Choice Awards 2

Creator and star of Difficult People and author of I Don’t Care About Your Band, Julie Klausner took to Twitter to add to the winner’s speech, tweeting, “And thinspo model for your impressionable tweens.”

She then went further and implied the singer-actress had an “eating disorder” and referenced a feud Zendaya had with Giulian Rancic in 2015 over her Oscars appearance.



Zendaya wasted no time and hit back, criticising the comedian for body shaming and asking if she wants to be “be next”, seeming to reference the aforementioned feud with Rancic which affected Rancic’s public image and E!’s Fashion Police as a consequence.

Klausner did not follow up the response with an apology, in fact she promised to “never stop criticising celebs who perpetuate dangerous beauty standards” and said she wants to help the girls who want to look like the singer-actress. However, she did offer some kind of an olive branch to the Zendaya fans who angrily flocked to the star’s defense.




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