Ziggy Alberts’ new ‘heartbeat’ video is rustic and breathtaking

The breathtakingly sweet music video for Ziggy Alberts’ new single ‘heartbeat’ is finally here. The song which has been championed by tastemakers worldwide such as Under the Radar, Spindle and Wonderland has finally been given a visual to accompany it. And it’s a tear-jerker.

Set predominantly in a barn during a dance class, the music video for ‘heartbeat’ illustrates the universal nature of love that is expressed in the song itself. The video sees couples of different ages dancing together, suggesting that the pair found love through dance and were able to stay together until they grew old. The common denominator is both dance and love, and the sentiment is truly heartwarming. 

According to Ziggy, the song is all about “finding resolution in the common thread of all good things – love”. Ziggy has captured the ears and hearts of fans all around the world with his unique take on the indie folk genre, with his monthly Spotify listener count well above one and a half million.

With this latest track and video, Ziggy seems set to shoot himself straight into the stratosphere, singing the praises of love the entire time.

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Written by Emma

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