Finally Zlata Ognevich Has Released Her New Music Video

This Ukranian Eurovision 2013 star, Zlata Ognevich, has finally dropped the long-awaited music video for her new song.

She dropped a teaser for the said video a few days ago, so we knew it was coming. But, we don’t think anyone was expecting this high-end production music video. Although, if we’ve waited over half a year for a video to this song, then it has to be perfect.

The video was directed by Yurii Morozov, and was filmed in July 2016. There were many problems that occurred which lead to the music video being edited and changed during the months that followed.

Watch Zlata Ognevich’s New Music Video Here:

This Morozov Production is titled “Chasing Summer and Spring”. We presume this is the English translation of the song title.

The music video starts off with a bit of normalcy in New York’s Times Square when all of a sudden a parade of elephants appear, and stomp their way down the street.

We watch as floats appear in the air and then an airship flies above the buildings. We watch office workers dancing to the song in business suits; all before a Hindu marriage ceremony take place on the airship.

Zlata Ognevich shines during the ceremony, proving her ability to dance and keep in-sync with the dancers, all the while managing to keep a hold of the spotlight throughout. We later see a holographic performance which she completely nails.

We end with the ceremony one last time, as we watch everyone have a good time; clearly enjoying the song.

The music video took so long to release because of many factors. The main one, according to the description of the music video, is the jealousy of Zlata Ognevich’s husband. He was unhappy about the portrayal of the music video, and so editing led to a compromise, which totally explains the seven-month wait.

We totally love the concept of the music video. The song was officially released in August 2016 and is available to download and stream right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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