Zoella Book Club 2016

It was announced at WH Smith’s London event earlier today that they have been working with Zoe Sugg to create a book club!

The Zoella Book Club 2016 will be launched in June this year and eight books of Zoe’s choice (which are a mix of both old and new titles) will be revealed. The YouTube star will review each of the books in a selection of videos exclusive to WH Smith.

As a number one bestselling Author with her two books, Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour, Zoe wants to inspire the younger generation of book lovers, especially as she knows she has younger viewers and fans from her YouTube following. The aim is to influence these young people to explore a variety of stories which take readers on different adventures into different worlds. The book club is a perfect way for Zoe to share some of her favourite books and authors with all of her fans.

In addition to the book club, other treats in store for us are Author interviews and guest posts, book club questions and much more all thanks to WH Smith!

Don’t forget to check out Zoe’s YouTube channel – Zoella

Written by Emma Soteriou

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