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Zoey Lily Debuts Haunting Single “Never Getting Better At Losing You”

London-based alt-pop artist Zoey Lily is truly one to watch out for. Hypnotic, dark and truly captivating, her music has already gotten her praise from large outlets such as the BBC and BuzzFeed.

After debuting her collection of music titled ‘2thousand&8teen just last year, she is now readying herself for the next step towards stardom. Her latest track “Never Getting Better At Losing You” might just help her case.

Her latest song is a brooding symphony of pain. It is a slow track that shines thanks to its subdued nature. “You can use me like you used to”, the singer torments just as the chorus hits, and we truly feel the betrayal in every single note. “Never Getting Better At Losing You” masterfully weaves the singer’s influences into one beautiful web.

It is just the perfect track to help us endure the winter just a bit longer.

Talking about the track, Zoey said that “‘Never Getting Better At Losing You’ is one of the most personal songs I’ve written so far.” She further explained that “it came together very intuitively on a night when I was feeling in a bad place. It’s about feeling stuck with someone who keeps letting you down and realizing that you can’t just turn back around and erase an emotional connection to them, so you start to accept that you will keep getting hurt and get used to “being used”. I think sometimes that still feels better than losing them completely.

Listen to the emotional track right here:

“Never Getting Better At Losing You” is a self-published track and is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice.

Be sure to follow the artist on her upcoming ventures by entering the handle @mezoeylily on all of her social medias. If you want to, you can catch Zoey Lily on her first headlining show on April 25th playing at the Waiting Room in London. Tickets are available right here.

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