Album Review: BTS’ “Love Yourself: Her”

Since last week, fans started countdown for BTS album release. Every day, a topic or  two was always trending on Twitter. Spotify too published a special feature for the group that showed each member’s message on love.

Just a few things that show how far they have come.

Yesterday, BTS released music video for their new single “DNA” alongwith the release of their album “Love Yourself: Her”.

As evident from the title, the subject matter of the album is love. Hyperbolic and optimistic in its theme and sound, this is unlike any other group’s album. It is physical existence of boys’ expression of love. But one can sense distance, something that was quite visible in the teaser videos as well.

Check out our review for full album below:

Intro: Serendipity

Post teaser release, Big Hit Entertainment dropped a bomb on ARMY with the release of “Serendipity”. Jimin’s appearance left fans swooning and wanting for more.

From title to lyrics to the imagery, the single is a combination of paradoxes. It depicts the danger of falling in love but at the same time, lover’s willingness to begin a relationship. Courage of Jimin’s character sets the tone for the upcoming singles. His expression in the video is on point.

Displaying his control over his voice, this MV allowed Jimin to showcase his vocal prowess. His notes though being powerful, beautifully add to the soft tone of the single.


Yesterday, BTS dropped the music video for the single. This dance track follows ‘Serendipity’ and like intro, re-emphasizes the fact that love might be result of fate but is ‘not a coincidence’.

Hyperbolic language alongwith heavy guitar strumming complements positive mood and energy of this single. It seems the management heard fans’ plea as each member has got his fair share of lines in the single.

Their dance captures each and every beat of the song and their synchronization is quite commendable. This is definitely a track to lookout for.

Best of Me

The album carries EDM tune making each song catchy. For “Best of Me”, the group collaborated with The Chainsmokers and no other artist would have been able to do justice to it than the duo.

A confession of love to the beloved, this song act as testimony of boys’ affection. One can see it as their tribute to ARMY. The vocal line really stands out in full single with special attention drawn by V. His deep voice intensifies the mood of the song, giving a different flavour to it. We cannot wait to see them perform it live with the duo.


It’s a long drawn tradition that one cannot confess his/her love without talking about things one admire in his/her lover. This time, lover’s dimple has caught boys’ eyes. Continuing with inflated language that can be seen throughout the album, the song displays boys’ admiration and desperation at the same time.

In terms of music, it is vocal line’s single. It carries DNA’s music and sick beat drops.

If one listens to its lyrics, “Dimple” sounds like counter sarcasm by boys on their fans. One might have noticed fans’ commenting jokingly on YouTube and other places how they “want to drown” in boys’ dimples and how “their existence is death” of them. The same statements are repeated by boys in the song which makes it more interesting.

Pied Piper

As per dictionary definition, “Pied Piper” refers to a “charismatic person who attracts followers” but also “one that offers strong but delusive enticement”. In this song, boys are pied pipers attracting fans as they say “I’m taking over you”.

The connotations in this single is quite reflective of fans’ lives and dedication as quite a lot of them spend their time launching projects for artists whom they admire.

But it’s also reflective of tough life a K-Pop artist lives, trying to fulfill fans’ expectations. The reason why the charisma here is termed “delusive”.

In terms of music, the song has tune one can get lost in with his/her eyes closed. It’s a perfect pick for long drives or lone dancing. Speak for introverts!

MIC Drop

This song follows boys’ speech at Billboard Music Awards 2017 where they won Top Social Artist Award. Preceding speech was Pied Piper and following it is MIC Drop. This seems to be a deliberate sequencing of singles as it weaves a mini narrative within the larger narrative of the album.

“Pied Piper” talks about boys’ attraction and fans’ dedication resulting in group’s success (including overcoming all hardships). “MIC Drop” then seems to be the best choice to offer a conclusion.

Fans expected a sequel of Cypher but instead were treated with MIC Drop. But they aren’t disappointed. Cypher series brings forth rapper line’s introspection and answer to anti fans who spill out hate for the group.

Unlike Cypher series, this single features both rap and vocal line. Probably because, “this is final goodbye” and members have realized that they have already shown what they got to show, trophies being the best evidence. No wonder it was inspired by Barack Obama’s last speech  as the President.

This is one of the most powerful song in the whole album and one of our favourites. Rap line rules the house here.

Go Go

This one in the album is J-Hope’s classic. At first, it seems that the song emphasizes the fact that you only get to live once (YOLO), focusing on the importance of present.

J-Hope stands out the most in this single in terms of voice. In terms of music, it takes on sound of western pop but still manages to show BTS’ own sound.

But this song deviates from the main theme of the album. The message kind of bewilders a listener.

It might probably be continuation of group’s focus on youth’s freedom but unlike Run and I Need You, it does offer death as the conclusion. Instead, it goes on to criticise youth for its careless use of  time. The song is actually a commentary on YOLO culture that tend to favor fun over thought.

But all in all, it’s a good track.

Outro: Her

Dominated primarily by rap line, the song is an outro to the album. It talks about lover’s yearning and ‘her’ significance in his life. But the relationship portrayed here is ‘complex’ as he is still not able to decipher the impact love has left on him.

A dichotomy of identity has been presented where a constant emphasis is laid on “mask”. What are boys tried to hide? What are they trying to show?


Yet again, BTS has concluded the album in cliffhanger. Two tracks, one skit and other single titled “Sea” has yet not been released. But the group, songwriters and management has been able to create a beautiful narrative. It is bound to bring forth multiple interpretations and theories.

Each and every member has got enough space to showcase their vocal talent and they have utilised it well. It’s refreshing to hear V and Jin more in each of the singles.

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