ALBUM REVIEW: Jerry Harmon’s ‘Walk Softly’

The new album is out this April.

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Jerry Harmon is back with his brand new album ‘Walk Softly’. The latest LP from the country star will be released on April 7th.

It’s hard to argue with Harmon’s vocal ability, he has a gruff natural country twang that is pure and authentic but in the days of country/pop it’s hard to see many young listeners buying into his music. The album is very old school country and tracks such as ‘Man I Used To Be’, and ‘Love In The House’ are very thought provoking and are so well written but will struggle to resonate with new listeners.

And overall the album lacks an appeal for the younger audience. But with that being said it is no doubt that older fans of “real country” without a pop influence will really love Jerry’s latest release.

The standout tracks are the tongue-in-cheek ‘Grandmas Are Sexy Too’, Man I Used To Be’, Love In The House’, Want To Come Home’, and the title track ‘Walk Softly’.

If you love your country music old-school without a modern twist then this is the album for you. It is jam packed with old-time country  songs that are guaranteed to go down a storm with the older generation.


The full track-list is as follows:

Walking to Cleveland
Made of Time
Walk Softly
Want to Come Home
Whose Mind Was Made
Man I Used to Be
Back to the Country
Grandmas Are Sexy Too
Love in the House
Daddy Was Purple

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