Julia Michaels explores the disbelief and anger phase of breakups in her newest single “Sorry To Me Too”

Singer and songwriter Julia Michaels hardly needs an introduction – as she is already a 4x-Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum artist – so it would suffice to say that her newest single wasn’t anything other than more of what fans have come to love about her: upbeat productions, soothing vocals, and glittery, beat-driven nuances.

While Julia’s newest single is essentially an analysis of a breakup; it is the song’s over tone that showcases her creative leap, leaning into a beat that’s consistent and driven by danceable underlying instrumentals.

Speaking on the release of her newest song and what is to come, Julia reveals that all of her new music is her going through the grieving process of a breakup.

“You’ll hear me working out what happened, where it went wrong, trying not to blame myself, and getting back to life without this person who I thought would be in it for a really long time,” Julia says about her onslaught of new material. “‘Sorry To Me Too,’ captures that disbelief and anger phase, like, ‘You say you’re sorry?’ Well, I’m sorry to me too for believing all your bullshit and in the promises that you gave me and told me that I clung to—that I thought were real.”

Stay tuned for more soon as “Sorry To Me Too” only paves the way for more music from Julia in 2023 and beyond.

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