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Album Review: Little Mix, ‘Glory Days’

It’s been a year since Little Mix released their last album, Get Weird, and they have already released another chart-topping record. Glory Days, the group’s fourth album, is all about the ups and downs each the girls have experienced in their lives. This album is fun, electric, emotional, and features tons of songs that make you want to join a girl group with your best gal pals.

In the weeks before it’s release, Little Mix previewed and released seven songs off of the album including, “Shout Out To My Ex”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Nobody Like You”, “Touch”, “Down & Dirty”, “F.U.”, and “You Gotta Not”. They even released a “Shout Out To My Ex” acoustic version. Has Christmas come early? Because it sure feels like it for Little Mix fans!

Also, we can’t forget to mention that there are three versions of Glory Days. THREE? Yes, THREE. In addition to Glory Days and Glory Days (Deluxe), there is a deluxe concert film edition of the album. This extra special version features 15 pieces of live concert footage from the Get Weird Tour at SSE Arena, Wembley. The girls have really outdone themselves this time, making Glory Days their biggest album release EVER.

Okay, so we have to admit, the album promo was phenomenal. However, the music itself is even better. Most of the songs are upbeat, powerful, and so much fun to dance to or belt out the lyrics to in the car. There are even a couple ballads that have our hearts fluttering as well. Some of our favorites include “Oops” featuring Charlie Puth, a bubbly tune, and “Touch”, a fun, eclectic song. By far the fan favorites have been “Down & Dirty” and “Power”. Just read some fan reactions below!

Everything about Glory Days is unique to Little Mix. Even though the style of music is a little different than what they have done in the past, this album is a perfect representation of the girls. You can tell these girls have much more confidence and style than in the past and the world is loving it. WE are loving it. Also, we can’t forget to mention that their vocals are stunning. The range and power of each of their voices is something we can only dream of!

In an interview with Billboard, Leigh-Anne Pinnock said, “With Get Weird, it just didn’t seem to be working. Like we couldn’t get the right songs, it just wasn’t jelling. And this time around, I feel like we just had so much to write about it just happened. It felt natural.” In the same interview, Perrie Edwards added, “The reason that we called the album Glory Days is because we’re gonna look back on this time and say that it was the glory days, the best time of our life. Hopefully our fans can share that with us.”

What would we rate this album? We give Glory Days a 10/10 with two heart-eyes emojis. (That’s a whole lot of love!)

Overall, Glory Days, is a huge success. This album has inspired fans with its relatable storylines and powerful themes. This is an album that just makes you feel good inside, like butterflies are flying in your stomach. Little Mix has come a long way since their first album. If this is still the rising point in their career, we can’t wait to see what’s to come when they reach the top. We can already tell that Glory Days is going to be a life-changing step in these girls’ careers.

In the Billboard interview, Leigh-Anne also said, “We’ve heard a lot of people say that we’ve changed their lives with our music. That’s what we set out to do.” Well with this album, we think the girls have already changed so many lives, for the better.

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Written by CelebMix