Alli Simpson Releases Two New Songs

Alli Simpson Releases Two New Songs

Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Alli Simpson has released not one, but two new songs and you’re not gonna want miss it! The two tracks are titled “Material Boy” and “I Won’t Remember You Tomorrow”.

Alli Simpson shared saying that “Material Boy” was one of the first few songs that she has ever written. “I felt connected and attached to it immediately because it feels like me 100% from start to finish. The sound, the vibe, the story, the lyrics all comes from a point in my life and feels like me.”

You can listen to “Material Boy” below:

When releasing “I Won’t Remember You Tomorrow”, Alli also put out a video to go along with it that holds a signnificant meaning to her.  Alli said, “The experiences explained in this song and throughout this video are based on recent true events in my life. So I wanted to be able to share that with my audience & have them connect with me in ways the people close to me in my life can. I hope people can relate to it in any circumstance. Know your worth!”

You can watch “I Won’t Remember You Tomorrow” below:

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