Bridgit Mendler Makes Comeback with ‘Atlantis’ Music Video

Former Disney star and current popstar Bridgit Mendler makes her music comeback with her newest single ‘Atlantis’ from her upcoming EP titled Nemesis.

The twenty-three year old singer/songwriter created an immense buzz with the release of her hit single ‘Ready or Not’ in 2012. However, her overall album Hello My Name Is… didn’t pick up as much momentum as the record label was hoping. Mendler eventually left Hollywood Records in search of her own sound.

And found it she has! Mendler’s new music is a drastic sound change from her previous bubblegum pop sound. Her songwriting has also greatly matured. ‘Atlantis’ resounds a mellow and beat-heavy rhythm that creates a great contrast to the upbeat melody of ‘Ready or Not.’

The video itself relays the story of Mendler and her friends breaking into the house of an ex. The group then proceeds to host a party with the unconscious body of the ex.

“I break into my ex’s house and try to recreate our lost love while he is passed out. Even in the midst of fun and light moments in life, my heart is as limp as his hand hitting my knee while we dance in the kitchen,” she reports to Just Jared Jr.

The double-edged sword of the video gives deeper meaning into what the lyrics of the song mean. Mendler cleverly creates a paradox within herself on screen. The contrast of her dancing cutting to her crying shows the difference in how she acts and how she feels.

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Bridgit Mendler Releases New Single ‘Atlantis’


To hear more from Bridgit Mendler, keep an eye out for her newest EP Nemesis coming this November!

Written by CelebMix