CelebMix Exclusive: Camille Peruto releases sophomore album ‘From the Sea to the Sky’

Camille Peruto is a timeless performer and star on the rise, delivering wholesome vocals and refreshing originality.

The Philadelphia based singer-songwriter has paved her own path of success over the course of the last few years. From appearing on Season 14 of American Idol to opening for big names such as Anna Nalick and Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band, Peruto continues to impress with her unique, angelic sound. The 22-year-old, whose style is a cross between Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, just dropped her sophomore album From the Sea to the Sky and it was well worth the wait following her 2013 debut album Sparrow.

CelebMix spoke with the 22-year-old singer-songwriter a few days prior to the album’s release as she geared up to perform at her sold-out CD release party. Peruto began campaigning on Kickstarter back in May in hopes to start the recording process of her album. By July, she raised more than enough needed to bring her music to life thanks to the help of her dedicated fans and supporters. 

“All the songs were written between the time that Sparrow was released until days before I went into the studio to first start recording!” Peruto shared. The songstress struggled narrowing the album down to only 11 songs, having almost four years worth of original music to choose from. She described the transition from creating her last two albums as “surreal.”

Believe it or not, Sparrow was Peruto’s first time recording a full length, full band album. For her second record, she wanted a new, modern sound that branched off of elements of her traditional songwriting, aiming for a more contemporary vibe.

“My songwriting matured a lot for this album. I am so happy with the result,” Peruto revealed. With this album, she specifically crafted a series of catchy hooks. “I like making up stories to write about, so I combined the storytelling with melodies that I’d write. The newer stuff is more poppy and some of the older songs have more personal meaning. I think they work well together!”

When asked if she had a favorite song on the new record, Peruto found it hard to pinpoint just one. Every track holds a significant place in her heart. “I love them all for different reasons,” she said. The New Jersey native adores “Crooked Roads,” because it’s upbeat, uplifting and fun. “Crooked Roads” is also Peruto’s lead single off the album, which is perfect because of its ability to showcase diversity with modern bluesy, pop vibes. Listeners are able to get a taste of what to expect from From the Sea to the Sky.

“Set Up A Sail” is another one of her notable songs on the new album. “That one almost didn’t even make the cut, which is crazy for me to think about now,” she admitted. “Set Up A Sail” follows a pleasant, lyrically-driven styling similar to other tracks of Peruto’s. 

While working on her latest project, Peruto also experienced what has been in her eyes, the most rewarding moment in her career to date. The former Idol contestant recently won an award for Best Song in a Music Video at a local film fair. The music video was made by middle school students, who used a song off of Sparrow titled “Pocket Knife.”

“‘Pocket Knife’ is about bullying. It is always rewarding when a song means something to students or kids in general,” the singer-songwriter said. “They are like sponges when they’re young and pick things up so easily. So, I want to write meaningful music that will send a good message. Kids make performing so much fun! And like I said, if I can give a child hope or a new goal, it means so much to me.”

From the Sea to the Sky highlights the significance of authentic emotion-driven opuses while Peruto’s soothing timbre leaves us wanting more. We can’t wait to see what else 2017 holds in store for the alluring young artist.

You can stream the full album below. To learn more about Camille, head to her official website.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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