Exclusive Interview: Dalton Rapattoni Talks About 'Nobody's Home' and More

Exclusive Interview: Dalton Rapattoni Talks About ‘Nobody’s Home’ and More

The wait is finally over. Alternative-pop singer and songwriter, Dalton Rapattoni, announced that he will be releasing his debut solo album Nobody’s Home September 22nd!

At just 21-years-old and performing since he was 12, Dalton continues to live out his dream no matter what challenges he’s faced with. Known for being one of the Top 3 finalists on the 15th season on FOX’s American Idol,  Dalton didn’t let not winning the big prize bring him down, because in his fans’ eyes, he was still their winner.

The reason Dalton’s fans (known as Nobodies) love him so much is due to the fact that he’s so real. While on American Idol, he shared that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 9. Sharing something that personal showed his audience that it’s okay to be different and that things do get better.

In our Why Fans Love series about Dalton, Gracie (13) from Johnson City, Tennessee shared saying, “There are a lot of reasons why I love Dalton Rapattoni. I deal with anxiety and sometimes depression and I think hearing his story and how he’s doing what he loves and powers through everyday just reminds yourself that you can do the same. If you do that, if you power through whatever your obstacles are, that’s you doing that not Dalton.”

We got the chance to speak to Dalton and talk about his new album Nobody’s Home, touring, and more. Check out our chat below.

What were the funnest and toughest parts about recording Nobody’s Home? Was it anything that you thought it’d be?

Dalton: I love being in the studio. That’s probably my favorite part of this job. I love being able to be hands on and pay attention to the little details. It got a little stressful, just because the album took so long to make, but altogether it was a great time.

Did the title of the album Nobody’s Home come from the lyrics, “Nobody’s home,” from “Trust Nobody?” If so, why did those lyrics stand out to you to make it the title of the album? 

Dalton: Actually the lyrics of the bridge in “Trust Nobody” came after a the album name. We originally had a song called “Nobody’s Home” that was scrapped, but we liked the idea, so we worked those words into “Trust Nobody.”

Were there any other album titles that you had in mind as well?

Dalton: I tossed around the idea of Nobody Cares for a while, but I decided it wasn’t as fitting as the title we landed on.

Seeing you live in the past you mentioned that you write a lot of sad songs, and listening to the album, you can tell that you poured your heart and soul into it. What do you hope your fans get out of all the meaningful lyrics from the album?

Dalton: I hope maybe people get to understand me a little bit more. I mean that’s why everyone does music, isn’t it? These days if you follow someone on Instagram or Twitter you feel like you know them, when you actually have no idea who they are. That’s part of what I want to do with Nobody’s Home.

What would you say is the most personal song on the album and why?

Dalton: The most personal song for me is “Would You Like That”. I was in a really unhealthy relationship for a while, and it’s important to remember that even though it may seem like someone is hurting the other person, they often times think they’re doing the right thing. That’s what “Would You Like That” is about. Nobody is the villain of their own story.

“Being Young” and “Growing Older’ were listed one after the other on the album. Was that done purposely? Do you have any advice to your fans about growing up in today’s society?

Dalton: One of the things I’m struggling with a lot is the fact that I’m not really a kid anymore, and the different difficulties and responsibilities that come with that. I’m not sure what advice to give to anyone because i haven’t really figured it out for myself.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about touring? Also, your fans wanted to know what goes on between shows! 

Dalton: My least favorite part about touring is definitely having to sit in the van for what feels like an eternity, but I love going out and seeing America.

We normally just drive in between shows but sometimes if we have a little down time we try to check out the town we’re in a little bit.

If you could describe a Dalton Rapattoni show in a few words to someone, what would you say?

Dalton: My shows are pretty conversational. I like to talk to people in the crowd a lot. You should come, we’ll chat.

During the Inspired Attempt Tour you sang some songs that aren’t on Nobody’s Home. Are there any songs that you wish made the album? Was there a reason they weren’t on it?

Dalton: A lot of the Inspired Attempt Tour was me testing out to see if certain songs worked for the album. Normally you write about 30ish so you can pick the best 13 or so.

What usually goes through your mind before getting on stage? 

Dalton: Normally I’m just going over any changes we made in the set in my head. That and that I’m probably hungry.

What are some of the most rewarding things a fan has told you when it came to your music? (If any, or multiple fans)

Dalton: Well I know one time someone said they named their goldfish after me and that was super dope.

After listening to Nobody’s Home, we think all you Nobodies are going to love it! Thank you so much to Dalton for his time. We can’t wait to see where this album takes him next. #ImNobodyToo

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Exclusive Interview: Dalton Rapattoni Talks About 'Nobody's Home' and More

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