Gig Review: Josh Taylor, Belfast

Josh Taylor’s ‘Hot For Me Tour’ kicked off in Belfast on Saturday 1st October, and it was a day that did not disappoint.

The doors for the gig were at 1, and the first support act was due on stage at 1.30. There were four support acts: Mary McGrath, Origin, Brad McVicker and Robyn Regan.

Mary McGrath was the first support act and she did an acoustic set. Her voice is absolutely incredible and she did acoustic versions of songs such as ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Last Night.’ Make sure you follow her on Twitter here as she regularly posts covers of songs.

Next up was Origin – an up and coming band from Ireland, made up of members Shane, John and Daryl. They were absolutely brilliant, performing an original song along with some covers such as ‘Treat You Better’ and ‘Girls Talk Boys.’ They really got the crowd going and everyone was dancing and singing along, it was a really good atmosphere. Make sure you stay up-to-date with them by following them on Twitter here.

The third support act was Brad McVicker, again a local singer. He was really good as well, we loved all the support acts. Brad’s set was mostly acoustic, and it was so good! Make sure you follow him on Twitter here.

By this point, as we are sure you can imagine, excitement was building for Josh. But there was one more support act: Robyn Regan. She started off with a cover of ‘Dear Future Husband,’ two of her own original songs and finished her set off with ‘Everytime We Touch’ and she wanted it to be an ‘indoor rave’ – which it was, everyone was jumping and dancing! Make sure you are following her on Twitter here.

It was then time for Josh, and he was absolutely amazing! We don’t want to give too much away as we know Belfast was the first date of the tour, but his set was phenomenal. It was incredibly energetic and it could be described as a ‘feel-good’ setlist. Everyone was dancing along and smiling the whole time! In the middle, he does a few acoustic songs, which worked really well. He did classics such as ‘Back To Bed’ however, he also performed newer songs. It was really good to hear some of his older material while also being able to hear some of his newer songs.

The meet and greet at the end was quite unorganised, the queue was everywhere, but Josh was so lovely and took his time with everyone, even though security were trying to rush people. He made sure everyone got photos and that he had met everyone.

After the gig, Brad and Origin did a meet up. This was probably one of the highlights of the day for us, they had the guitars out and were doing acoustic songs then got photos with everyone who had gone to the meet up. It was a good way to end what had been such a brilliant day!

Josh’s gig was absolutely incredible and if you have the chance to go to any of the remaining tour dates, you definitely should! He is such a good performer and never fails to put on a good show!

Make sure you are following Josh on TwitterSnapchat and Facebook to stay up-to-date with him!


Written by Rachel Dempster