Gig Review: Rob Green at Y Not Festival

CelebMix spent 4 days camping at Y Not Festival; a three day festival filled with tons of music – artists well known and upcoming – lots of food and friendly faces. While at Y Not Festival we watched Rob Green perform on the BBC Introducing stage and we had the best 30 minutes of our lives during his set.

We’ve written about Rob’s brand new EP before and we are so happy that we finally got the chance to see him play those songs live. We joined Rob for his set in ‘The Quarry’ tent at Y Not Festival and we have to tell you, the tent was definitely at full capacity as people flocked to watch Rob Green’s performance.

Rob delivered a spectacular set and we didn’t want it to end. He has a voice so powerful and soothing at the same time that it left us happily confused in the comfort of his vocal presence. Rob spent a lot of time not only singing, but telling stories and even showing the crowd some of his not-so-great-while-sober club moves. We have no regrets about seeing this first hand, though!

Hearing just how receptive and supportive his audience were towards him caused Rob an overwhelming sense of emotion and there may or may not have been a few tears from Rob while on stage, as his adoring fans, both new and long time, cheered him on and shouted words of love and support throughout his performance.

Rob Green is raw talent with a sense of humour you would expect from a stand up comic – Rob knows no bounds as he delivers an energetic performance filled with laughter, dancing and embarrassing tales. With a few performances of his own songs from his EP, Rob ended his set with a game as the crowd demanded more from the artist on the BBC Introducing stage. In the game, Rob Green sang popular songs and asked his audience to shout “TUNE!” if they recognised the song. Go on, join in the fun below and see how many songs you know!

If you’re looking for new music, or a genuinely talented artist – Rob Green is your man! At any chance you can get, go and see him perform live. You’ll be blown away as you see a truly talented, charismatic individual perform a live set. CelebMix loves you Rob Green!

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Written by CelebMix