Rob Green EP Review

Rob Green, a new musician, came on the scene on Thursday 12th May when his brand new EP dropped on iTunes.

We recently wrote about Rob Green and his musical influences here and because we’ve fallen in love with his debut album we just had to share a review with you! Rob Green EP is incredibly soulfull and diverse and we think you should give it a listen.


This track screams soul music vibes and is such a lyrically empowering track which give you a boost of confidence and a little bit of sass to add to your day. Rob’s Backing singers add something special to Rob’s voice giving the track a melodic boost alongside the super catchy backing music.

Our favourite line in Paradise is: “I am human, you know this”


On Track:

The bridge of this song is where Rob really shows off his vocal talent alongside the strong harmonies from his backing singers. In the track Rob just takes it away in a breathtaking vocal performance. This song could well be the sound of summer, one for the radio as you’re in the car on a hot summers day.

Our favourite line in On Track is: “You change your look so often you’re beyond all recognition”



Blue is about a break-up that Rob experienced with an ex-boyfriend and the song is so good that with a heavy heart and grit teeth we say we’re glad he had the experience to write such a good song about! (Sorry Rob, it’s just that good!) we’re glad Rob found a medium that he could express himself in and share with us. With Rob’s soothing voice we were taken on a mellow journey of emotion. Rob’s vocal range hit a nerve deep down inside us and brought out some emotion that we can’t even explain and we definitely felt a connection to his lyrics. Rob’s lyric and vocal combination meant that we could hear colour and it was a truly beautiful experience.

The music video for this track is phenomenal as it was filmed 12 hours in one continuous shot which took 43 attempts!? That is dedication!

Our favourite line in Blue is: “The one thing keeping my hope alive is the same thing saying we won’t survive”



An upbeat track which had us foot tapping and singing along. Rob’s voice immerses you into a feel good trance where you want to sing along to his lyrics at the top of your lungs in an attempt to express yourself.

Our favourite line in Headstrong is: “Bring me the beat to start the festivities”

Rob has a voice so soothing on his debut album that it could be suggested that he might secretly be an angel with a voice so melodic that Rob could put you to sleep given the chance. We highly recommend this album and support Rob in his new venture! Rob is clearly an incredibly talented new artist to look out for.

Have a look at the music video for Blue by Rob Green below. The song is beautiful with lyrics describing such tragic feelings and the visuals in the music video are simply perfect and we are in love! In the music video you might even spot Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie.

Rob has expressed his gratitude to those buying his EP on iTunes and has also expressed his excitement at being in the iTunes R&B chart.

CelebMix is sending big love to Rob Green and his music. We can bet you’ll find him on our playlist from now on without fail! If you want to see more from Rob you can buy his four track EP on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

You can follow Rob on Twitter @RobGreenMusic or find him on Instagram and have a look at his website here or if you prefer Facebook you’ll find Rob there too!

Have you listened to Rob’s EP yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below or by Tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix