Kesha & The Dap-Kings Horns Release “Woman” Single And Music Video

Another new song has been released by Kesha. “Woman” serves as a promotional single from her upcoming third studio album “Rainbow”. This song features The Dap-Kings Horns and continues to help show that Kesha is back with a vengeance.

The music video itself is a pure performance visual; it has been directed by Kesha Sebert & Lagan Sebert. The song was composed by Kesha Sebert, Andrew Pearson, and Stephen Wrabel. Quite the explicit song, it is completely empowering and showing that women can be strong. Once again, it is a song that is highly emotional and one that everyone can relate to.

Watch The Music Video To Kesha’s “Woman” Featuring The Dap-Kings Horns Here:

The opening of the music video sees Kesha in a car with The Dap-Kings Horns, riding on the road. The radio is playing a country-style song – which we can only assume is a snippet of one of her new songs on “Rainbow”; to which fans have assumed is “Hunt You Down”. The song stops and Kesha launches into the first verse of “Woman”.

They arrive at the Oddity Bar; this is the place they are performing at. As the song continues, Kesha shows why she would be amazing to see live; oozing with energy that transcends perfectly to the viewers of the music video.

During the second verse of the song, she saunters to the bar with Saundra Williams – who is referenced as part of The Dap-Kings Horns in this song – and drinks some shots. She loses some of the lyrics as she laughs, creating a fun twist that re-engages any lost viewers. The Oddity Bar is empty, with only a few customers, who are all female. Showing girl power, relating to the song perfectly.

If anything, this song shows how versatile Kesha has become for her new album “Rainbow”. It’s quite a contrast to her previously released song “Prayer“; yet, it’s still a complete powerhouse of a song. We cannot wait for 11 August 2017, when “Rainbow” is released.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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