Manel Navarro collaborates with JOWST for “Keep On Falling” remix

A few months ago, Manel Navarro surprised his fans with the release of his single “Keep on Falling“. Now, the beautiful acoustic single has got a rendition we would have never expected.

Surprise Collaboration With JOWST

Today, Navarro revealed the remix for his single. For this, he collaborated with the music producer JOWST who represented Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2017. JOWST performed “Grab the Moment” with Aleksander Walmann at the competition.

A Perfect Combination of Voice and Lyrics

As discussed in our review of the track, “Keep on Falling” tries to send hope to people who feel dejected and hopeless with its comforting lyrics and positive vibes. JOWST’s version brings forth Navarro’s intense vocals that contrast perfectly with beats and music.

This is, for the first time since the competition, that we have got a chance to see any collaborative project. Navarro and JOWST’s collaboration just depicts the beauty of Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

This year, we have got a chance to witness beautiful song releases by participants from the competition. We hope to see more such songs in the coming future.

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