DISCOVER: Manel Navarro Has Released An Incredible Music Video For “Voulez-vous Danser?”

He released a brand new song on 20 April 2018, and one week later we got a brand new music video that we are completely in love with. Manel Navarro’s song and music video “Voulez-vous Dancer?” is one we simply can’t get enough of.

You may recognise Manel Navarro’s name from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, where he represented Spain. Unfortunately, “Do It For Your Lover” didn’t do all that well, and he only managed to gain five points, placing him in last place at 26. Regardless, here at CelebMix, we loved his song, and we have followed his career ever since. This single is the official follow-up to his previous track “Keep On Falling“.

“Voulez-vous Danser?” is his first official single that is completely sung in Spanish; in English, the song’s title means “Would You Like To Dance?”. It was written by Manel Navarro himself, whilst it was produced by Antonio Rayo. As for the music video, that was directed by Carlos Muñoz.

Watch Manel Navarro’s Music Video To “Voulez-vous Dancer?” Here:

The music video starts off with a topless Manel Navarro in the bathroom as he takes scissors to his hair – yes, Manel Navarro is bringing a new look to this visual, and what a transformation, and we fully love it! As the music kicks in we’re introduced to four people who are sitting on a couch together; two men and two women. The guys have their arms around their girlfriends suggesting that they’re two couples hanging out, together.

The video continues to flit between the energetic emotional performance piece from our favourite Spanish male artist, Manel Navarro, with his new short hair; and, the narrative story visual that surprises us as it continues. We see the couples having a good time with one another, and it’s clear that they are madly in love.

If you’ve watched the music video above, you’ll know that the characters develop even bigger feelings for one another, with the women cuddling and then kissing, and the men share a glance which turns into a kiss too. The very end sees them all on the beach together, and the two guys hold hands as the girls are in their arms.

Stream Manel Navarro’s New Song “Voulez-vous Danser?” Here:

Vocals on point throughout, this song is beyond catchy and Manel Navarro will have you singing along to it by the end. It has an addicting rhythm with this Spanish male artist’s unique and sensual voice that certainly hits us with emotion and meaning. We love how he’s prepared to use his music to bring to light controversial things and show them in such a great light; we applaud him and 100% support Manel Navarro as he continues to impress us all.

“Voulez-vous Danser?” is available to download and stream now, through Universal Music Spain. In our exclusive interview with Manel Navarro before he went off to the Eurovision Song Contest, last year; he did reveal that he’ll bring new music and an album – so we can only guess that we’re leading up to his debut album.

What do you make of Manel Navarro’s “Voulez-vous Danser?” song? What do you make of the music video? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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