Sofia Carson Confirms That She’s Working On Her Debut Album During #AskSofiaCarson

In a Twitter Q&A, Sofia Carson revealed that her debut album is coming soon

Sofia Carson confirmed in an #AskSofiaCarson Twitter Q&A that she is working on her debut album, right now.

After already releasing singles “Love Is The Name” and “I’m Gonna Love You“; it’s clear the album will have some latin pop influence, whilst focusing on the theme of love.

She is currently filming Disney’s Descendants 2, reprising the role of Evie. It’s possible she will be influenced by the soundtrack of the album especially since she previously released her own version of “Rotten To The Core”. This song was part of the Descendants’ soundtrack.

Listen to Sofia Carson’s “Love Is The Name” & “I’m Gonna Love You” here:

She also announced other things about herself during the #AskSofiaCarson Twitter Q&A.

Fans were eager to know more about Descendants 2, but she wasn’t prepared to give out any secrets. On the other hand, one fan did ask if “Evie and Doug will date in” Descendants 2:

Sofia Carson has previously been in TV film “Adventures in Babysitting”, as well as “A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits“. Her debut album is coming soon, so watch this space.

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