Sofia Carson surprises us all with new single “I’m Gonna Love You”

Well this was far from expected. Sofia Carson released a whole new single “I’m Gonna Love You” out of nowhere.

Currently filming Disney Descendants 2, this new release was a total surprise.

A follow-up to her previous release “Love Is The Name”, this new single also has a Latin-pop vibe to it.

Much more up-tempo with instrumental beats; “I’m Gonna Love You”, written by Jason Evigan, Mitch Allan & Olivia Waithe, has a much more mature sound for Sofia Carson.

Vocals on point through-out with sexualised lyrics, she is quickly becoming the next Disney star to branch out.

Sexy, sultry and slightly teasing, Sofia Carson’s new single is one we can’t stop playing, and yet there’s just something missing. It feels like it’s trying to lead you up to something that never comes.

Listen to Sofia Carson’s “I’m Gonna Love You” here:

Possibly inspired by the Disney Descendant’s awesomely catchy soundtrack; this unexpected release has got us excited for, not only the new film, but what the future holds for Sofia Carson.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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