YouTuber of the Week: Tyde Levi

Continue reading to learn more about 16-year-old Australian vlogger Tyde Levi!

Hello and welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week, where we introduce a different creator on the YouTube platform every Sunday! Last week we introduced you to beauty and lifestyle Meghan Hughes –– this week we’d like to give a big warm welcome to Tyde Levi!

Who is Tyde Levi?

Tyde Levi is a 16-year-old vlogger from Perth, Australia. Viewers may have first known him merely as singer Troye Sivan’s younger brother, but since his first collab on Troye’s channel back in 2012, the dimpled teen has acquired over 515,000 subscribers of his own. His channel mostly consists of comedic videos, collaborations with friends and family, and travel-like vlogs.

Tyde, along with operating his YouTube channel, is also an aspiring DJ. He participated in DJ competitions in his youth, and opened for the Australia and New Zealand segments of Troye’s Blue Neighbourhood tour. Tyde also has an appreciation for photography, which can be seen on his Instagram page.

Why should you watch Tyde’s videos?

Tyde is one of those YouTubers that has an assortment of different videos and content on their channel. There’s bound to be something for everyone to love, whether you need a good laugh or just would like to appreciate a vlog.

Apart from the load of content in his videos, Tyde has an enthusiasm that viewers will find contagious and invigorating. There will rarely be a video where you aren’t smiling for most of its duration, and in those times when you’re not it’s probably because you’re in a fit of laughter. Tyde’s videos are best taken in the way that he makes them –– with a sense of ease and with an open mind.

5 of Tyde Levi’s Best Videos


An amusing video that you shouldn’t take too seriously, Tyde impersonates other YouTubers –– only with a DJ Khaled twist!


Get ready to share some laughs between Tyde and his mother Laurelle Mellet as he introduces her to the latest Snapchat filters!

3. Mammoth Lakes

A video characterized by beautiful nature scenes and travel memories.


You’ll be sure to laugh at this silly video as Tyde teaches fellow YouTuber Ben J. Pierce how to (sort of) be just like him!


Tyde teaches the world how to become a real DJ….kind of! It’s a video full of typical Tyde humor!

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Written by Celine Low

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