Zlata Ognevich Has Dropped A Teaser For Her Music Video That We’ve Waited Seven Months For

Remember, a few years ago, during Eurovision 2013, when a giant came on stage carrying a woman who then began singing a song for Ukraine? Well, that woman was Zlata Ognevich with her song “Gravity”. She came third in the contest, that year.

Since then she has released a number of singles, but the one her fans have been waiting for has not yet been released.

She recently dropped a teaser trailer of her long-awaited music video for this song, and it was clearly worth the wait.

Watch The Teaser Trailer For Zlata Ognevich’s New Music Video Here:

This totally stunning clip is great promotion for the music video which will undoubtedly be dropping soon.

Little is known about the music video, itself, but what we can gather is this: it has its own title called “Chasing Summer and Spring”, it was directed by Yurii Morozov, and that it will be film-like.

The short teaser clip shows New York City’s Times Square in all it’s glory, with elephants strolling down the street. The comical opening sequence then leads into a more futuristic technological scene, where we can see Zlata Ognevich performing the song. She’s shown as a holographic image appearing every now and again. She switches with a basketball player, who is also in holographic form.

When it will be released, is anybody’s guess. However, maybe we can expect more teasers as we wait. It’s clear this project means a lot to her and her team, especially since it took so long to make and get around to releasing.

For now, we can listen to the track, which was released on YouTube nine months ago.

Listen to Zlata Ognevich’s New Single Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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