1 Year Later: Why BTS’ “Spring Day” is an Unforgettable Piece of Work

Today is the first anniversary of BTS’ single “Spring Day” but it seems that the single was released yesterday. While most of the songs by the group are admired by the fans, “Spring Day” holds a very special place in their hearts. In this piece, we will try and identify the reason for such admiration.

Transition from Social to Personal

The song carries the sound and vibes of “The Most Beautiful Moments of Life”. Unlike songs like “Come Back Home”, “Spring Day” talks about the subject matter that concerns “everyone” universally. By presenting the dichotomy between “winter” and “spring”, it talks about the rough patches every friendship and relationship go through. The song contains both anger for the distance and a hope for reunion that motivates the listener to approach their loved ones.

you know it all
you’re my best friend
the morning will come again
no matter what kind of darkness or (bad) seasons
they can’t last forever

A Theory That Defeats All Generic Concepts

An ARMY member presented a theory for the song that makes so much sense that it’s hard to ignore what’s being said by the author.

As per the theory posted here, all the symbols and locations used in the video refer back to the Seoul Ferry Tragedy. The incident is considered one of the worst marine incidents to date. The tragic event took place in the year 2014 and claimed 300 lives, including the lives of 250 second year high school students. Big Hit and the boys donated 100 million won to the family council to support the families of the victims.

As per the blogger, Jimin’s act of hanging shoes on the tree is his attempt to pay homage to the victims of the Ferry tragedy and at the same time, an attempt to convey the message of hope for a better life.

As quoted from the blogger’s theory, “bangtan had these lines that are repeatedly voiced melancholically all throughout the chorus until the very end of the song and I just–

after we pass by the end of cold winter
until spring day comes once again
until the flowers blossom
at that place (even when it’s cold/even when you have to wait long), for a little while, please stay
please stay

It’s as if bangtan is throwing shade at the captain and his crew for being dishonorable, asking the children to stay where they were ‘until the rescue boats arrive’ when they themselves were up and about ready to get out of the ship,

It’s just.

When the boys say these last lines it’s as if, it’s as if the boys are saying to the children that they know it’s hard to wait, but just stay there. it’s okay to stay there, i’ll come to you instead, yeah? just you wait there till i come to you so we can end this suffering together”

Performances that Make Fans Swoon

Since the day the song was released, the boys have been performing “Spring Day” on every major and minor occasion but every time, fans are left wanting more. Be it Jungkook’s angelic voice, rap line’s killer delivery, V and Jin’s acting or Jimin’s contemporary dance, this one song brings out so many beautiful aspects of the group.

It’s interesting that one can never get bored of the performance. Instead, it becomes difficult to overcome the mystical effect “Spring Day” creates on stage.

“Spring Day” showcases the group’s mature sound. Both in terms of lyrics and music, the song sets the tone for future albums including “Love Yourself: Her”. Also, the line distribution is such that we get to hear each member’s vocals including both the vocal and rap line, offering fans a chance to evaluate the boys’ prowess.

A year might have passed but it still feels that the song was released yesterday. “Spring Day” therefore is one of the timeless classics released by the group.

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