10 of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Best Covers

5 Seconds of Summer have covered a lot of different artists throughout their time as a band. It’s a chance for them to put their own unique twist on the original and show off their incredible talent. It’s needless to say, 5 Seconds of Summer do that every single time.

With that being said, and in no particular order, here are 10 of 5 Seconds of Summer’s best covers!

1. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

To start off, we’re taking you way back in time with a 5SOS relic all the way from 2011. ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ was 5 Seconds of Summer’s first cover with drummer Ashton Irwin. Reminiscing on how far they’ve come from these initial YouTube videos makes our love for the band grow stronger every day.

2. What I Like About You – The Romantics

‘What I Like About You’ by The Romantics is a song 5SOS played live on tour for years. The cover appears on their 2014 EP, She Looks So Perfect, and a studio mix of the song on their 2014 album, LiveSOS

3. Stay – Post Malone

5SOS’ cover of Post Malone’s ‘Stay’ is a beautiful, yet heart-wrenching, one. It’s one of their more recent covers and is apart of the band’s Spotify Singles EP. Alongside the cover, they also performed a stripped back version of Youngblood track ‘Lie To Me’.

4. I Miss You – blink-182

5 Seconds of Summer first covered ‘I Miss You’ back in June 2011 when the band was only made up of Luke, Calum and Michael. They recorded a studio cover of it in 2012, with Ashton, for their first EP Unplugged. 5SOS then revisited the song in 2014 when they performed at Radio 1’s Live Lounge for the first time.

5. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

There was no way we could make this without including 5 Seconds of Summer’s iconic cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’. Although they’d been performing the song on tour, this specific cover at SiriusXM had the whole internet talking about it! A live cover of the track appears on their 2014 live album, LiveSOS.

6. Drown – Bring Me The Horizon

The day 5SOS covered Bring Me The Horizon was a good one. ‘Drown’ is a phenomenal song and a perfect one for them to cover. Their version is softer compared to the original, with an acoustic guitar and a live orchestra accompanying their emotion-filled vocals.

7. No Roots – Alice Merton

5 Seconds of Summer’s version of Alice Merton’s ‘No Roots’ is probably the most unexpected cover they’ve performed in Radio 1’s Live Lounge compared to their past two. The Live Lounge is a great place to do something listeners may not expect and 5SOS delivered an incredible cover.

8. American Idiot – Green Day

A 5SOS cover classic, and a classic punk song in itself! Again, this is a song the band performed on tour quite a few times, with a live version on their album, LiveSOS. A studio version of the cover appeared on their 2014 EP Amnesia and on Kerrang magazine’s Green Day tribute album.

9. The Middle – Zedd, Marren Morris & Grey

One word: harmonies.

10. Killer Queen – Queen

Okay, we know we mentioned their harmonies in the previous cover, but ‘Killer Queen’ showcases 5SOS’ talent on a whole other level. Their version of the Queen classic was released in celebration of the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, with profits going to the Pheonix Mercury Trust that supports the global fight against AIDS/HIV.

What cover of 5 Seconds of Summer’s is your favourite? Or do you have one we haven’t included? Let us know thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!

Written by Georgia Brown

A 20 year old from the UK. I like bands and video games. If you believe in music like I do, I'm sure we'll get on well.