We'd love to see these artists on Heartstopper Season 2
We'd love to see these artists on Heartstopper Season 2

10 artists we’d love to see on Heartstopper Season 2

The arrival of the second season of Heartstopper on August 3 may be well over two months away but already the hype is building.

Fans have been waiting for over a year for Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring to return to Netflix after the show’s remarkable breakthrough next year.

There was so much that made Heartstopper special from actors to author Alice Oseman and, of course, the iconic soundtrack.

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As we begin to imagine was Heartstopper Season 2 might sound like, here are 10 artists CelebMix would love to hear in the show.

Baby Queen

Baby Queen became the voice of Heartstopper Season 1 and surely she’s got to be back for another bite of the cherry. There’s something so compelling about the star’s brant of alt-pop and it goes hand-in-hand with the feelgood Netflix show. Baby Queen has been sharing a few snippets of new music on social media recently too and it sounds perfect for Heartstopper.

Thomas Headon

Thomas Headon dropped his latest single ‘i loved a boy’ at the end of March and many fans have called for it to feature in Heartstopper. The vibe is certainly spot on and we can see this being a match made in heaven. Headon’s ‘UrbanAngel1999’ did appear in the show’s first season but we can see his music having a more prominent role this time around.

Caity Baser

An artist who has broke through into the limelight since the first season of Heartstopper is Caity Baser. Her endearing pop bangers have found a passionate fandom and there’s a youthful giddiness about it all that feels perfect for the show.

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters has been going through her break-up era in the run up to upcoming album The Good Witch. While we’re hoping for love everywhere in Heartstopper Season 2, there’s no doubt going to be some drama and the ‘Lost The Breakup’ singer should soundtrack that.

Pierre de Maere

Lesser known the anglophone audiences, but Belgian Pierre de Maere is producing some top-class queer pop tracks. He’s on a rampant rise in France and will break through overseas eventually. Heartstopper Season 2 includes a visit to Paris and Pierre de Maere would be perfect to accompany that – check out ‘Enfant de’ to get a taste.


girli is on an absolute roll at the moment. The star is touring the continent backed by some of her best music to date. We’re dying to hear care-free anthem ‘Cheap Love’ in Heartstopper Season 2.

L Devine

Fans of Baby Queen and Thomas Headon will love L Devine. The star has been putting out music and playing big stages for years and has a discography of tracks that sound made for Heartstopper Season 2. Latest single ‘Push it Down’ is just one of those.

Wasia Project

Surely there’s time for a little nod to Wasia Project on Heartstopper Season 2. The two-piece features William Gao, who plays Tao, and his sister Olivia Hardy. Wasia Project are truly in their own lane and releases keep on getting better.


JORDY has had a remarkable rise ever since his track ‘Long Distance’ went viral. The star can really do it all and his latest album BOY is an absolute gem. ‘Unburnable’, ‘love you, bye’ and ‘Love You and Let You Go’ would all be fits for Heartstopper.


We can picture it already. Nick, Charlie and chums running around Paris seeing the sites with a NOAHFINNCE track playing over the montage. The star’s music is plucky, high tempo and full of character.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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