10 of Twenty One Pilots’ Best Covers

We’re putting it real and simple: Twenty One Pilots are a phenomenal band. Tyler and Josh have created something incredible with their music, where their fans can be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

Every rendition of a Twenty One Pilots song Tyler and Josh have performed has been magical, so when it comes to their covers, they’re nothing short of being other-worldly. If there’s one band that takes a song and completely makes it their own, it’s this one – and every single time is mind-blowing.

With that being said, and in no particular order, here are 10 of Twenty One Pilots’ best covers!

1. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

We’re starting off with a classic that everyone knows. Twenty One Pilots performed ‘Iris’ as a part of their setlist on the first leg of the Bandito tour in the US. For the song, they brought on support acts Awolnation and Max Frost.

2. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

We’re now going back to 2014, where whilst on the Quiet Is Violent tour, Tyler and Josh took on Lana Del Rey’s iconic ‘Summertime Sadness’.

3. 9 Crimes – Damien Rice

In this one, we see Tyler Joseph take on Damien Rice’s ‘9 Crimes’ in Radio 1’s Live Lounge from Columbus, Ohio’s Newport Music Hall. Alongside the cover, he also performed stripped back versions of ‘Ride‘ and Trench tracks ‘My Blood‘ and ‘Neon Gravestones‘.

4. Jump Around – House of Pain

Twenty One Pilots covered House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ for a short while when they were on the Emotional Roadshow tour, and at a selection of festival appearances. Some renditions of the cover feature ‘Jump Around’ with a medley of other songs, including ‘Twist and Shout’ by The Top Notes, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Deon and ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber.

5. Hey Jude – The Beatles

Similarly to their ‘Iris’ cover we first mentioned, Twenty One Pilots’ cover of The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ was performed as a part of the setlist on the first leg of the Bandito tour. Again, support acts Max Frost and Awolnation joined Tyler and Josh on stage for the song, and what a beautiful sight it is to see.

6. Tubthumping/No Diggity/Where Is The Love?/Jump Around

From what we’ve gathered, it seems that Tyler and Josh love bringing support acts on stage to perform covers with, and we love to see it! Whilst on the Emotional Roadshow tour, Twenty One Pilots performed another medley cover, different to the one we’ve previously mentioned. This time they took on ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba, ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet, ‘Where Is The Love?’ by The Black Eyed Peas and, yet again, ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain, accompanied by support acts Jon Bellion and Judah and the Lion.

7. Congratulations – Post Malone

One of the most groundbreaking bands in a lifetime covering another iconic artist of a generation; despite being diversely different artists, creating their own distinct music, Twenty One Pilots’ cover of Post Malone’s ‘Congratulations’ feels right.


8. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

If you haven’t heard Twenty One Pilots’ cover of Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, or at least know about it, where have you been?! This is probably one of their most popular covers and is one fans tend to discover and come familiar with when first listening to the band. Like some other covers, they’ve performed this on tour quite a few times in the past. But recently, it’s only if you’re lucky that the show you’re at will be blessed to hear it live.

9. Mad World – Tears For Fears

Released in 2014, Twenty One Pilots’ cover of ‘Mad World’ is a different take on Gary Jules’ piano-driven version we’re all so familiar with. Tyler and Josh’s cover comes a little closer to the original by Tears For Fears that was released in 1982, with an eerie, synth buzz to it.

10. Cancer – My Chemical Romance

Last, but certainly not least, is Twenty One Pilots’ hauntingly beautiful cover of My Chemical Romance’s ‘Cancer’. Along with their cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, this is another one of their covers that fans tend to become most familiar with. The cover was apart of Rocksound’s tribute to My Chemical Romance’s iconic The Black Parade, where a variety of artists had the chance to take on a song from the album and put their own spin on it. It’s needless to say, Twenty One Pilots did a stellar job.

What cover of Twenty One Pilots’ is your favourite? Or do you have one we haven’t included? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!

Written by Georgia Brown

A 20 year old from the UK. I like bands and video games. If you believe in music like I do, I'm sure we'll get on well.