10 Pro-Athletes Who Are Good Role Models

Professional athletes can serve as role models for the coming generation. The truth is that most of them were helped by mentors during the early stages of their career. Several pro-athletes are selfless and humble despite their lavish lifestyle.

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They also have values that are worthy of emulation and their good deeds keep trailing behind them. Younger people can look up to these pro-athletes whether they are passionate about sports or not.


Roger Federer 


Roger Federer is regarded as one of the top tennis players. He has won 17 Grand Slam titles and named the Laurus Sportsman of the Year for 4 years in a row. He was appointed as a UNICEF GoodWill Ambassador in 2006. Apart from that, he is involved in other charities that include helping victims of natural disasters. 


Tim Tebow 


Without mincing words, Tim Tebow is a man of unquestionable character. Hard work, gratitude and his faith mean a lot to him. Although some NFL fans detest him, he isn’t allowing that to deter him from being a stellar example to others.

He has a foundation that focuses on assisting underprivileged children in African countries. 


Serena Williams 


Serena Williams is an 18 time Grand Slam Champion. She has been inspiring millions of women worldwide with her strong drive for excellence. Serena shows them that it’s possible to achieve anything once they put their minds to it and work hard.

She is a philanthropist, actor and runs a fashion business.  


Cristiano Ronaldo 


Cristiano Ronaldo is unarguably one of the best football players in the world. Many people assume that he is selfish but that’s far from the truth. The main reason why he is yet to get a tattoo is that he wants to keep donating blood without any risk of cross-contamination.

He is contributing heavily to different charities and has paid the hospital bills of numerous patients. Cristiano finds the world of gambling fascinating and has developed his poker skills over time. 


John Cena 


The WWE Superstar has been transforming lives since he started his career. He holds the highest record for the “Make-A-Wish” requests that were granted which is over 450. He perfectly fits into the role of a superhero for kids and motivates them to remain positive.

He even goes to the extent of visiting sick kids in hospitals and their homes.


Clayton Kershaw 


The Baseball player is the highest-paid players in the MLB. Most of his earnings go to charity, especially “Kershaw’s Challenge” which is his foundation. The charity organization caters to the needs of African orphans.


Russel Wilson 


Russel Wilson is a devout Christain and among the NFL marquee players since 2012. He is ever ready to extend a helping hand and engage in gestures that make regular people feel loved. Russel faced adversity but he is still determined to empower young people. 

He often pays a visit to sick children in the local hospital weekly.


Amy Purdy


Amy Purdy lost her legs in 1999 as a result of meningitis. Her chances of survival were rather slim but she later recovered. Despite several challenges, she was able to walk again and became a professional snowboarder. 

Amy won two medals during the 2018 Paralympic Games


Jimmie Johnson 


The Pro driver is a humble athlete and has been ruling the world of competitive racing for the past 8 years. He has featured in notable champions and contributed up to 7 million to charities.


George St. Pierre


George displays humility which is uncommon in combative sports. The MMA warrior didn’t allow his ego to overshadow his success. He carries himself professionally and will never speak ill of any opponent. 

He continues to motivate young athletes that they can be drug-free and still win.

Written by CelebMix