10 Reasons Why We Love Miranda Miller

What isn’t there to love about Miranda Miller? She’s talented, funny, ambitious, inspiring…the list goes on and on! There isn’t a thing we don’t love about Miranda and there’s a high possibility that by the end of this, you’ll be in love with her as much as we are.

This guitarist/vocalist from Hey Violet has found her way into our hearts and we couldn’t be any more love-struck. We are head-over-heels for Miranda and here are just some reasons why that may be…

10. Her Love For Mac n Cheese

Miranda is a HUGE fan of mac n cheese. Her old Twitter header was even a picture of mac n cheese! If Miranda isn’t the biggest fan, we don’t know who is!

9. Her Style

If it’s one thing we greatly admire about her (and trust us, there’s a lot we love), it’s her style! Miranda can pretty much take any piece of clothing, pair them together, and make it look amazing and wearable.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear to a specific event, Miranda is the girl to consult.

8. Miranda + Guitar + Stage = Perfection

Alright, we’ve switched into complete fangirl mode. How perfect can Miranda get? Let’s admit that Miranda displaying her talents is pretty important – who doesn’t love a girl playing the guitar? But this is pretty much enough to slowly kill us with feels.

7. Have you seen her smile?

Miranda’s smile completes all her beautiful features (like the cherry on top of a cake!). Her smile definitely tops the many things we love about her. Our hearts can’t help but flutter when we see a smile like hers!

6. Her Laugh

A laugh is probably the most joyous sound to the ear and Miranda’s is music to ours! If her smile wasn’t enough, then her laugh definitely will be! You can’t help but join her whenever Miranda lets out a giggle or two!

5. Her Love for Music

Who doesn’t love music? And especially with Miranda’s selection, you can never go wrong! We’ve done quite a bit of digging on her Spotify recently and there isn’t any doubt that we didn’t like what we saw! Her music taste is absolutely impeccable.

4. She’s Quite Inspiring

With a personality like Miranda’s, it’s hard not to have some kind of impact from her!

3. Her Friendships

The relationships that Miranda has with her bandmates and her friends is not only amazing but admirable on so many levels, we’ve lost count!

2. How Positive She Is

Miranda has always been a positive person. She loves being positive and she personally shares that with all her fans. Not only does she take time out of her day to see how her fans are doing and cheer them up if they’re feeling down, but she makes cute little videos just to tell them to have a good day!

Like we said before, what isn’t there to love about Miranda?!

1. Just Miranda Being Miranda

Out of the long list of things we love about Miranda, her just being who she is makes the very top! We love how positive, funny, driven, and amazing she is. Like we said before, what’s not love about Miranda Miller? Absolutely nothing!

If you’re in love with Miranda as much as we are, then our work here is done!

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

I dabble in the world of writing, blogging, and singing and I'm a little bit of a book freak, who has an obsession with poetry. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @elliedoedemosse. Follow me on Tumblr: babyxelle.tumblr.com Business Inquires: ellie.doedemosse@outlook.com