10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow

At Celebmix we often find it hard to find to choose which accounts related to our favourite bands to follow, Twitter is a big wide world! To help others in the same position as us out we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 The Vamps fan accounts which honestly, if you’re not following you should be.

Read below for a selection of update, themed and accounts of fans which we absolutely love on Twitter.

10. Thevampsupdates

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 2

Update accounts exist in the masses for The Vamps, but as the original update account, this is by far one of the best. Regularly hunting down information from various sources about the guys (including trawling through every news site going to get the full picture) if you need information on anything The Vamps this is where to go. We love their dedication!


9. Bradasdisney

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 3

Do we really need to explain why you should be following this account? Posting photos of our favourite frontman alongside his Disney twin brings us an additional daily burst of happiness. Once you’ve seen Brad in this light you’ll never see him the same again (in a good way, promise!)


8. Yayconnor

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 4

Sian’s account isn’t one dedicated solely to the boys but she’s made our list for her constant support of not just the boys but also the bands they tour alongside. We’ve seen your love for recent tour support NHC, Sian! Regularly defending the guys when someone takes an unnecessary dig, she’s not afraid to speak her mind which we love. Consistently spreading her love for Connor Ball through her upbeat and positive tweets about and to him, we’d recommend giving her a follow to brighten up your day.

7. WorldWTheVamps

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 5

Nowadays there’s a large amount of negativity in the world but with their projects including their upcoming appreciation days for each of the guys, WWTV are bringing a little more brightness to the world. If you like your hashtags and talking about why you love The Vamps so much, be sure to give them a follow sooner rather than later.

6. Bestvocalsvamps

There’s no denying that The Vamps vocals are some of the most consistent and at times jaw dropping. Thankfully this account brings together a collection of their best vocal performances and we absolutely love them for it! You’ll definitely find yourself swooning as you remember just why you’re so in love with these four guys. There’s also a lot of older tracks making an appearance, showing just how far these loveable lads have come.

5. Enchantedsteph

In short, we think Steph is absolutely great. Opening up about her own issue with anxiety/depression and how the band and friends made through them have been able to help her through it, she’s a supportive figure for many in the fanbase. Regularly at shows, her friendly, welcoming attitude is also shown through her funny and highly relatable tweets about the guys. Steering clear of drama, Steph’s Twitter is full of The Vamps photos to make you smile or even cry with laughter! Her cover of The Vamps ‘Stay’ definitely needs a mention, because it’ll make you love her even more.


4. ThevampsSr

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 6

The Vamps France team might be one of the hardest working fansites out there. Before you panic about them tweeting in French, Google Translate exists to do all the hard work if like us you’re not fluent. Unlike other accounts you can find every Snapchat posted by the guys on here, we mean only 24 hours to view and keep up to date with them can be a challenge when life takes over but they’re here to save the day! By far the most active European update account, this trio deserve a huge pat on the back and a follow!

3. Goalsthevamps

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 7

You’ll either look at this Twitter page and be beyond envious of everyone featured or make it your er… goal to gain photos/experiences similar to those featured on the page. The amount of happiness you can feel radiating out of each of the photos will put a smile on your face even if it isn’t you there!

2. Fockingbreadly

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 8

Samantha strikes us and no doubt many others as a fan who wants to help make the boys lives that little bit brighter, currently running a project for a certain frontman’s 21st birthday we can’t wait to get involved and neither should you. With so much fanbase drama existing in the world we love Samantha for her smiley face there to brighten up the darkness.

1. Thevampsuknews

10 The Vamps Fan Accounts You Should Follow 9

The biggest of the fan accounts but also one of the most supportive. Not only updating the fanbase on all things The Vamps, these guys are constantly looking out for fans and sticking up for them if any issues arise. We can’t help but think of them as an older sibling in the fanbase, someone to turn to if you need help which we really do admire. Great updating run by genuinely nice people, what more could you want?

With so many great accounts out there, which do you think we should be following? Tweet us @CelebMix with your recommendations!

Written by Nicola Craig

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