Album Review: Jamiroquai’s Automaton “Gliding Disco-Funk Groove”

Rating: A+

It’s safe to say that Jamiroquai has introduced the grooviest and most pulsating album of 2017 so far. Engulfing the rapid strings of disco, ‘Automaton’ successfully captures the lost funk/disco sound that mainstream radio has inevitably lost. Should it be more popular? Absolutely. Should there be a resurgence of this sound once more? Absolutely.

Album highlights include ‘Hot Property’ that immediately transfers you to Donna Summer’s realm and era of Bad Girls. Kay’s silky-covered vocals oozes throughout the sly chorus and the added funk production makes it much more repeatable. But it doesn’t stop there as ‘Something About You’ comes right after, more so, a perfect continuation of ‘Hot Property’.

‘Summer Girl’ echoes the earlier stringed moments of the albums beginning (‘Shake It On’) and even ‘Superfresh’ carry on the signature Jamiroquai vibe that’s steadily been present since the arrival of the acid jazz band in the 90’s.

‘Nights Out In The Jungle’ & ’Dr. Buzz’ are the more mid-tempo songs of the record but the quiet swift beats don’t slow down the red thread groove.

‘Vitamin’ brings jazz flourish to the table, fast piano feels and all, while ’Carla’ the albums closer tidies in 80’s influence synthpop magic. Magically enough, the track gains momentum during the latter half with louder and heavier beats. Kay’s voice remains undisturbed by the small funk moments and it’s here the world understands how the act have been so successful thus far in numerous international territories.

Disco has been revived and look no further if you want to get lost in carefree utopia. There’s no doubt that this album is surely to blame for that. But who wouldn’t want to be?

Written by Dannii C.

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