15 Celebrity Gold Diggers Who Hit The Jackpot

The 15 celebrity gold diggers who hit the jackpot are going to be the envy of the world in some ways. Many people relish the idea of being able to get rich quickly, and these people managed to get rich quick through marriage. Marriage is something that a lot of people want anyway, and being able to achieve this sort of wealth right away is a fantasy for a lot of people. The idea of getting both marriage and wealth at the same time is really appealing.

However, it should be noted that many of the celebrity gold diggers finished off badly in some way or another, or they have a great deal of wealth to show for their actions but little else. People who try to coast through life with the help of others are going to have a difficult time with that, and they are going to be particularly badly off if something goes wrong with their relationships with their benefactors. However, the partner who married the gold digger sometimes gets ripped off even worse, and is sometimes the more sympathetic of the two. It’s ultimately a negative situation for both of them to varying degrees, given the fact that their relationship is little more than a transaction.

The fifteen celebrity gold diggers who are going to spring to mind for a lot of people include Crystal Harris, Dean McDermott, Rachel Hunter, Tracey Edmonds, Oksana Grigorieva, Courtney Stodden, V. Stiviano, Kevin Federline, Evelyn Lozada, Elin Nordegren, Raffaello Follieri, Heather Mills, Vanessa Bryant, and Kimora Lee Simmons. Some people are going to defend these individuals, particularly Oksana Grigorieva, since she was involved with a person like Mel Gibson and suffered for it. However, other gold diggers are not as sympathetic.

Raffaello Follieri was a scam artist who hurt Anne Hathaway the way that he hurt a lot of other people in business, which is how he viewed their relationship. It’s also hard to feel sympathy for someone like Dean McDermott in his relationship with Tori Spelling. Some gold diggers manage to leave with a lot of money at the expense of the people who they married. Others are left ruined and having to rebuild their lives as a result of the failed marriage, especially in an age where a lot of rich people sign prenup agreements.

There are lots of ways to become wealthy that don’t involve trying to hijack the wealth of others. Some people are going to find success through hard work and careful investments. Others will find success as a result of good luck. For some people, it all started when they became skilled at Vegas Palms online gambling. Vegas Palms Online Casino games are going to provide people with a more real sense of hope than some wealthy celebrity marriages. Getting into a successful and lasting wealthy celebrity marriage is a bit like winning the lottery in many cases, and this is only going to add to the instability of an arrangement that can be easily reversed.

Written by CelebMix