Ottavio set to smash going solo upon release of debut single

X-Factor star Ottavio is more commonly known for being 1/2 of duo Bratavio, but now Ottavio is back and is releasing his debut solo single, which is the perfect get up and dance track, and will have you on your feet instantly.

Naturally, after listening to the song we desperately wanted more – we wanted to chat to the man himself! So we managed to get hold of Ottavio to have a chat about all things about the new single and find out a little bit more about him!

Check out what went down when we had a chat with Ottavio!

CM: Hey! Thanks for sitting down and chatting with us, how are you? 
O: Hello, I’m doing great thanks hope you are too? I’m a big fan of CelebMix!

CM: Aw thank you! We are big fans of you! So, for everyone here at CelebMix, tell us a bit about yourself! 
O: Mix My name is Ottavio and I am an effeminate singer with two degrees under my belt including a BA (Hons) in Fashion PR.

CM: Two degrees?! That’s incredible! What we would love to know, is a bit about your background! Have you always been interested in music? 
O:  It wasn’t always Music, strangely enough, I had dreams of becoming a chef I remember my neighbour got me some chef whites and a cookbook but my maths wasn’t strong and I knew that timings were a big thing for this profession so I decided against it.

CM: We are glad you did because now we have some great music! You’ve recently released your new single I Don’t Wanna Be Us, which we absolutely love! What was the inspiration behind this track? 
O: The track talks about those times in a relationship where you love/hate that person but ultimately love conquers. I had my heart broken by a guy and I thought things would progress with him. The song was written for me by the very talented Sean Micheal-Smith, he understood me as an artist and wrote this song which holds so much meaning. JoJo Farinella was the genius behind the sound who had previously worked with industry greats such as Craig David! They understood the vision I had for the sound I wanted to create this VIP Ibiza/Marbella vibe which people could really party to.

CM: So you’ve obviously worked with some great people and yourself to produce this track, what was that process like for you?
O: I loved it! I’ve always loved EDM style music and cause I’m a party animal I saw it fitting to launch my solo career with this type of track. Dance artists like Blonde and Shift Key have been big inspirations to me.

CM: It’s certainly a bop of a song!! Is this the style of music you’re going to focus on now? 
O: The next track will be more of a ballad which will showcase more of an emotional vocal.

CM: We can’t wait! Now, we’ve had this song on for a few hours and we are HOOKED. What has the response been like from people who have listened to it?
O: The support has been amazing from people and it’s been played in a gay club in Cardiff! I just want the track to inspire.

CM: Finally, what does the rest of 2017 and the future hold for you? 
O: Don’t get me wrong the haters are still there and not everyone loves it but to me those people are irrelevant and it’s important for me to focus all my efforts on my artistry. I hope to represent the UK at Eurovision one year and I have a crush on David Walliams and I wonder if I’ll one day get to propose to him!!

Listen to I Don’t Wanna Be Us right here!

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